Digital Daily Dozen 4/3/17

Google says its YouTube ad problem is ‘very very very small’ but it’s getting better at fixing it anyway

A top Google executive says the company’s YouTube ad controversy — where big brands have discovered that some of their ads have run next to videos promoting hate and terror — is overblown.  –Recode


Ford leads self-driving tech pack, outpacing Waymo, Tesla, Uber: study

Ford Motor is in pole position when it comes to benefiting from the coming age of autonomous vehicles.  That’s the conclusion of a study released Monday by Navigant Research, which sells its in-depth surveys of energy and transportation markets to suppliers, policymakers and other industry stakeholders.  –USA Today


Pai buries FCC hatchet with independent cable operators

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai called cable operators’ mission to build digital infrastructure “the challenge of our time” in a keynote appearance on Thursday’s closing day of the American Cable Association’s annual summit in Washington.  –Fierce Cable


Comcast, T-Mobile predicted as surprise winners in FCC’s 600 MHz incentive auction, UBS report says

Comcast and T-Mobile dominated the FCC’s recently completed broadcast spectrum auction, together collecting three-quarters of the total spectrum sold, according to estimates by UBS analyst John Hodulik.  –Fierce Cable


CCA urges FCC to put FiberTower licenses up for auction

The Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) is urging the FCC to auction FiberTower’s 650 licenses that previously were terminated to allow other carriers—as well as AT&T—the opportunity to bid on the licenses and use the spectrum for 5G.  –Fierce Wireless


Verizon’s new search app questioned by critics

Verizon is preparing to roll out a new search app across its Android device portfolio to help users find content across their various apps. Some critics initially slammed the app as spyware that allows the carrier to access all kinds of information about its customers, but it isn’t clear that’s really the case.  –Fierce Wireless


Analysts: FCC privacy rollback could make data more available — and less valuable

These rules could affect publishers by making cross-device matching easier, making audience data less exclusive and by making it less likely that platforms like Facebook and Google will ever be forced to obtain consent for the consumer data that fuels their businesses.  –Digiday


Clyburn, McSweeny Make Last-Minute Broadband Privacy Pitch

But White House has signaled President will be signing CRA repeal of FCC rules  –B&C


Taxpayers Protection Alliance Praises Pai’s Moves

The Taxpayers Protection Alliance is a big fan of FCC chairman Ajit Pai’s latest deregulatory moves.  –B&C


FCC Loses Fax Opt-Out Ad Ruling

Court says FCC exceeded authority; FCC chair Pai agrees  –B&C


Report Quantifies Rural Telehealth Benefits

Rural telehealth initiatives have the potential to generate substantial quantifiable and nonquantifiable benefits and could help bridge an existing gap between the quality of healthcare in rural and metro areas, according to a new report from NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association  –Telecompetitor


The Internet Wants to Buy Congress’s Browsing History. It Doesn’t Work Like That.

Celebrities are mobilizing online outrage in response to Congress’s repeal of internet privacy rules by raising funds to buy the browsing history of individual lawmakers and their aides, a protest tougher to accomplish than the rhetoric implies.  –Inside Sources



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