What’s Hot 9/5/14

A former FCC chair is now advising Obama on intelligence (TheSwitch Blog, 8/29/14)Just months after he left the Obama administration, former Federal Communications Commission chair Julius Genachowski is heading back into it. This time, Genachowski will be taking up a post on President Obama’s intelligence advisory board, a small panel that provides counsel on America’s spy agencies. Genachowski is among Obama’s longest-serving advisers; a classmate of Obama’s at Harvard Law School, he was tapped in 2008 to lead the then-senator’s tech policy working group during the 2008 presidential campaign.

SK Telecom, Ericsson-LG to collaborate on ‘5G’-related cloud, NFV (RCR Wireless, 9/2/14) SK Telecom reported a deal with Ericsson-LG to collaborate on development to verify cloud orchestration technology in the carriers continued move towards developing support systems for so-called “5G” technology. The memorandum of understanding calls for the two companies to evolve Ericsson’s Cloud Orchestration platform, which is a network function virtualization-based cloud solution designed to allow central detection, control, operation and optimization of separately running applications and hardware infrastructure.

For Infrastructures, It’s Time to Talk Revolution (Broadcasting Cable, 9/1/14) In the run-up to the IBC2014 confab in Amsterdam, running Sept. 11-16, the big question is not so much whether the TV industry is facing revolutionary change in the basic technologies it uses to deliver video into the home. That is increasingly taken as a given, as a growing number of major vendors tout technologies from the IT and IP worlds that rely heavily on software and cloud-based services. The talk will really be about where that revolution takes the industry, especially when it comes to better incorporating more efficient infrastructures.

 Google is trying to build its own quantum computing processors (Gigaom, 9/2/14) Google is teaming with a group of UCSB researchers, which has already demonstrated success with a new type of quantum architecture, to design and build its own quantum computing hardware. Google says it will continue its research with D-Wave Systems’ quantum computing system, too.

Why Internet governance should be left to the engineers (The Washington Post, Innovations Blog, 9/3/14) As the Internet and the disruptive innovations it spawns are becoming economically, politically, and culturally vital for the world’s three billion users (and counting), there’s been a worrisome though unsurprising outburst of initiatives across governments to figure out ways to control it, suppress it, or otherwise extract value from it.

Consumers drive change in communications market (The Hill, 9/2/14)Change is all around us, including the ways in which we communicate. A new Internet Innovation Alliance study by Dr. Anna-Maria Kovacs focuses on a transformed communications marketplace where, given many choices, consumers are in charge. She convincingly shows that, to continue the provision of core consumer values, regulatory approaches must also be transformed.