‘What’s Hot’ List: 7/9/2014

  •  Tech CEOs push billions for Wi-Fi in schools (The Hill’s Technology Policy Blog, 7/8/14) Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Dropbox’s Drew Houston, Netflix’s Reed Hastings and HP’s Meg Whitman are among the tech CEOs urging the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to provide billions for Wi-Fi in schools and libraries. The Commission is voting at its monthly meeting Friday on a plan from Chairman Tom Wheeler to boost Wi-Fi in schools and libraries.
  • Disturbing Trend in USF Spending (FCC Blog, 7/7/14) Chart 1 shows the FCC’s actual outlays for the Universal Service Fund (USF) and Interstate Telecommunications Relay Services Fund (TRS) to date and the future spending projections through the year 2024 as estimated by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), our nation’s official budgetary scorekeeper.  Chart 2 shows the growth in USF disbursements, which have been the primary driver of the growth seen in Chart 1.
  • FCC unveils teams to review multibillion Comcast, AT&T mergers (The Hill’s Technology Policy Blog, 7/7/14) The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced Monday the teams it has assembled to review the proposed $45 billion deal to combine Comcast and Time Warner Cable and the proposed $49 billion deal to combine AT&T and DirecTV. Critics of the two proposed multibillion-dollar mergers have pressure the FCC to review the deals closely, including for concerns about monopolistic powers and growing industry consolidation.
  • Tom Wheeler on the Future of Communications (The Wall Street Journal, 7/7/2014) Nothing is more seminal to our existence than how we connect. Today we are on the cusp of what could become the greatest network-driven change in history.
  • Intel, Qualcomm and Others Compete for ‘Internet of Things’ Standard (The New York Times’ Bits Blog, 7/8/14) If the stakes are big enough, companies will compete even for something that is supposed to be free to all comers. And over the next few years, very little stands to be bigger than the Internet of Things, or IoT. A group of technology companies led by Intel announced on Tuesday the formation of the Open Interconnect Consortium. The group, which also includes Atmel, Broadcom, Dell, Samsung and Wind River, will focus on creating an open-source standard for wirelessly connecting devices to one another and to the Internet.