Preemption, Policy, and Politics


February 25, 2015


The archived webinar can be viewed by clicking here


The webinar will feature distinguished panelists to discuss the “other” decision the FCC is scheduled to make on February 26th.   Although “net neutrality” is the “lead” item on the Commission’s agenda that day, the future of broadband also will be affected significantly by how the FCC addresses efforts of municipalities to become Internet Service Providers – either on their own or via public/private partnerships.   Though it’s an “adjudicatory” matter involving only two cities’ efforts, the FCC’s decision will signal how that federal agency may or may not intercede when states limit municipalities’ desire to become ISPs.  What are the legal, policy and political considerations here, and how best may consumers be given access to robust, reliable and competitive Internet service?   And how would the courts ultimately resolve these issues?


  • Russ Hanser, J.D. – Partner, Wilkinson, Barker, Knauer, LLP
  • Michael Santorelli, J.D. – Director, Advanced Communications Law and Policy Institute, New York Law School
  • Larry Spiwak, J.D. – President, Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal & Economic PublicvPolicy Studies
  • Moderator: Barry Umansky, J.D. – Senior Fellow and Senior Policy Counsel at the Digital Policy Institute and Professor of Telecommunications at Ball State University