May 6th Digital Policy Institute Webinar: “The FCC Incentive Auction: Previews and Predictions”

The FCC plans to adopt rules on May 15th for the first ever “reverse auction” of spectrum.  What are the issues that the FCC will be considering?    Which of these are of critical concern to consumers, TV station owners, and parties seeking additional spectrum for mobile, broadband wireless communications?  And where does the public safety and first responder community stand in all of this?  What will the FCC be deciding on May 15th and what will remain undecided?

To answer these questions and others, the Digital Policy Institute (“DPI”) will host a webinar titled “The FCC Incentive Auction: Previews and Predictions”.   The free webinar will be held on Tuesday, May 6th, starting at 2:00 p.m. eastern time.

Join a panel of experts including Dr. Leslie M Marx, Fred Campbell, Esq. and Howard M. Liberman, Esq.  Dr. Marx is former FCC Chief Economist, now a professor at Duke University and frequent author on auctions and communications policy issues.   Mr. Campbell is former Chief of the FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and now director of the Center for Boundless Innovation in Technology in Washington, DC.   Mr. Liberman has been a Washington, DC-based communications attorney since 1973, and represents television station owners in the FCC’s auction proceedings. Barry D. Umansky, DPI Senior Fellow and Senior Policy Counsel and Professor of Telecommunications at Ball State University, will moderate the webinar.