Digital Daily Dozen 9/24/13

Tweet This: Survey Finds Advertisers Most Bullish on Social Media 

More than half of marketer and agency professionals surveyed by Advertiser Perceptions predicted they would increase ad spending in digital media during the next year, far more than the share predicting the same for traditional channels such as cable TV (31%), broadcast TV (20%), magazines (14%) and national newspapers. 
Chinese Smartphone Owners are Heavy Entertainment Users, But Only 27% Actually Pay for Content 
A recent report sheds some light on how the Chinese spend time on their mobile devices for entertainment purposes — playing games, reading, watching videos and listening to music. However, only 26.9 percent of Chinese smartphone owners who access entertainment services on their devices have paid for what they use. 
Whistleblower: Banks laundering poker wins 
A banker who stood up against an online gambling operation was the star of an anti-money-laundering conference. Compliance officer Cathy Scharf told aghast colleagues about her experiences at a Utah bank that illegally processed at least $200 million for the offshore gambling sites PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. 
China to Allow Facebook, Twitter Access in Shanghai Free Trade Zone (Report)   
Chinese Internet users may soon be able to access Facebook, Twitter, the New York Times and other banned websites — but only within a groundbreaking free trade zone set to launch this month in the country’s financial hub, Shanghai. The central government wants to promote Shanghai as a financial capital to rival New York. 
Dish Cites Yet Another Hopper Victory 
Dish celebrated another court victory after a U.S. District Court in California denied a preliminary injunction to block the place-shifting functionality of its Hopper DVR, concluding that if Dish was found to be out of line, compensation to Fox after that decision, rather than blocking the service in the meantime, was the way to go.  
Victims Push Laws to End Online Revenge Posts   
Posting explicit images of former sexual partners can ruin lives, yet mostly goes unpunished. But the law may be catching up with technology.   
How Advertisers Can Leverage The Second Screen   
These days, advertisers have to plan their TV strategies with second-screen viewing in mind. But not all co-viewing behavior is the same. A series of studies by Time Warner Medialab showed that branded apps (which are designed by the networks) are ideal for generating strong engagement with the associated TV content. 
Nine Senate Judiciary Committee members called on the intelligence community’s inspector general to conduct “comprehensive reviews” of the government’s surveillance programs. The bipartisan group wrote that recently declassified documents “appear to reveal numerous violations of law and policy.”   
The US ranks 24th worldwide in the percentage of residents who use the Internet, according to the ITU’s 2013 State of Broadband Report. Eighty-one percent of US residents use the Internet, the ITU said. The US ranks ninth worldwide measured on mobile broadband penetration, according to the new ITU research.   
Net Neutrality debates are fundamentally about switching – whether network switches can treat some packets differently from others. This piece looks back 100 years to the telephone interconnection debates of the early 20th century – and, in particular, to AT&T’s preference for (non-neutral) manual switchboards.  
Publishers Must Get Smarter To Survive The Social Revolution (Commentary) 
It’s not exactly news that print media brands, particularly those with a large footprint in the newspaper business, are staring at doom. However, what tends to get overlooked is that just as newspapers lost eyeballs and revenue to online rivals, thosedigital publishers are already losing to social media.     
Viacom CEO Loses Dispute Against Cybersquatter   
Philippe Dauman has lost a dispute for the Internet domain name The Viacom CEO was unable to convince administrators that he held the rights to the name. The party that registered the domain has apparently tried to extract a ransom.             
Apple iTunes Radio Delivers Bad News to Pandora  
Apple said that more than 11 million unique listeners have already tuned into iTunes Radio, its new music streaming service which launched last week. That comes as bad news to Pandora, the reigning champ in Internet radio and Apple’s main competitor in the space. 
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