Digital Daily Dozen: 9/16/15

Time Inc. Takes New Digital-Only Auto Publication the Drive for a Spin (Advertising Age)

Time Inc. is taking “theDrive” out of the garage today. That is the name of the company’s new auto news and culture site that is the first publication to come from a division that merges new editorial products with branded content and native advertising functions.  

 Privacy Groups Push ECPA E-Mail Reform (Broadcasting & Cable)

Privacy and limited government groups in the Digital 4th Coalition say it is imperative that Congress update the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act to better protect cloud-stored e-mails held by ISPs from government surveillance, and without any harmful amendments.   

NAB: GAO Study Buttresses Keeping Exclusivity Rules (Broadcasting & Cable)

Broadcasters are pulling out all the stops in their effort to prevent the FCC from eliminating the syndicated exclusivity and network nonduplication rules. the NAB reminded the commission of a GAO report from earlier this year concluding that there could be harmful consequences if the FCC removed the rules.  

Bundle, Unbundle? Pay Only For What You Watch   (TV News Check- Commentary) 

I believe I have the solution to the world’s problem. Not world peace, but something much more important. How to fairly charge viewers for what they watch on television. I came to this solution while investigating whether to switch from Comcast to Verizon. So one day, I sat down to identify what channels I actually watch on TV.  

Bush Says He’s Willing to Do What Obama Won’t on Cybersecurity (Inside Sources)

Jeb Bush is ready to take a hardline stance on cybersecurity the Obama administration has been unwilling to adopt, according to a new policy outline from the 2016 presidential hopeful, in which he describes the need to increase U.S. cyber defenses to expand the economy. 

As Better Tech Emerges, Will Running Social Ads Simultaneously With TV Spots Pay Off? (Ad Week)

If you are a marketer wondering if it pays to run social-media ads simultaneously with TV spots, 4C Insights is in the process of trying to find out for you. The data science player today revealed it has integrated technology from Teletrax, a company it acquired in midsummer, into its Synced Ads program.   

Twitter Hit With Class Action Lawsuit for Eavesdropping on Direct Messages (Hollywood Reporter)

To most Twitter users, URL link shorteners are a convenient way to stuff more into a 140-character message. But a proposed class action lawsuit filed on Monday alleges that the social media service is using them in violation of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and California’s privacy law. 


A federal district court judge in New York has fully lifted an 11-year-old gag order that the FBI imposed on Nicholas Merrill, the founder of a small Internet service provider, to prevent him from speaking about a National Security Letter served on him in 2004. It marked the first time such a gag order has been fully lifted. 


Swift economic retaliation against American businesses is expected if the White House levies hacking sanctions against Chinese companies. But US industry groups are still pressuring the government to stand up to China over what’s believed to be a massive campaign to pilfer corporate secrets from US firms. 


A successful auction means consumers maintain access to the local broadcasting they have come to expect. Because the auction is voluntary, broadcasting should emerge from the auction stronger than before, committed to the value and values of local broadcasting. Consumers will also see improvements in wireless services.   

Why Is the New Apple TV a Big Deal? Choice and Control  (Media Shift- Commentary) 

Apple introduced the long-awaited next-gen Apple TV. It’s not a big LCD TV. It’s not round. It doesn’t (yet) include an Apple-direct subscription TV service. It is, however, a loaded streaming box that packs universal Siri voice-search across apps, a hybrid touch/push-button remote with gesture control and top of the line internal hardware.    

You Can Now Re-Watch Your Snapchat Messages — For a Fee (Recode)

The Snapchats your friends send you no longer have to disappear, but it’ll cost you. Snapchat rolled out a free feature called Replay a few years ago that allows people to re-watch one snap per day. The feature was apparently a popular one. The company announced that it will now be selling replays: 3 for 99 cents.  

 Twitter and Square Are Partnering So People Can Donate to Politicians Through Tweets (Recode) 

Twitter and Square, two companies that are currently sharing a CEO, are also teaming up on a new feature that allows people to make political campaign donations directly on Twitter. Candidates can sign up through Square, which will verify their campaign, and then tweet out a donation card complete with a “Contribute” button.