Digital Daily Dozen 7/18/2014

Fact versus Theory in the Net Neutrality Debate (Commentary)

A common misunderstanding is that the FCC’s proposal—or the desire of broadband providers—is to turn the Internet into fast lanes and slow lanes. This analogy is an exhibit of net neutrality advocates facility with language and storytelling, but it is a mischaracterization of how the internet works.

No, Aereo isn’t a cable company, says the Copyright Office

Aereo’s latest plan to keep on living was already on iffy ground before the Copyright Office weighed in. Now, Aereo’s prospects look grimmer than ever. The Copyright Office says "internet retransmissions of broadcast content" aren’t covered by the type of content licensing system that Aereo wants to take advantage of.

Combination ISP Tax Moratorium, Online Sales Tax Bill Introduced

A Senate version of the Internet Tax Freedom Act has been introduced that has been combined with the Marketplace Fairness Act. The combined Marketplace and Internet Tax Fairness Act would both extend the moratorium on taxing Internet access services–a bill cable ISP’s applaud.

House 5 GHz Wi-Fi Bill Introduced

A quartet of House members have introduced a bill that would increase access to Wi-Fi spectrum cable operators are using to blanket the country with hot spots. Cable operators support the bill. Automakers not so much.

China’s Censors Crack Down on Streaming Services Showing Hollywood Content

Days after Alibaba announced a landmark deal with Lionsgate on streaming content, China’s state media watchdog warns seven Internet-TV companies on "unauthorized" content and threatens to revoke their licenses.

Facebook Confirms Testing Buy Button In Ads

Facebook has begun testing the use of a "Buy" button in news feed ads and page posts. To help ensure privacy and security, Facebook said none of the credit or debit card information people provide when completing a transaction will be shared with other advertisers.


Access to high-speed Internet has become a necessity for communities and businesses, and the latest data from the National Broadband Map shows that broadband continues to be available to more Americans than ever. Broadband drives economic growth and innovation — including advances in health care.


The New York Department of Financial Services (DFS) has released a copy of proposed "codes, rules, and regulations" for companies that buy and sell bitcoin and other virtual currencies roughly a year after the agency announced an inquiry into regulating bitcoin.

GOOGLE AND MICROSOFT SHOULD BE OPEN ABOUT THEIR DE-LINKING PROCESSES IN EUROPE [Commentary] Google and other search engines operating in Europe have to take down links to information about people if those people ask them to do so, provided there’s no public-interest or other good reason for keeping the links up. The problem for now, however, is that the search engines are already plowing ahead with the takedowns.

AT&T supports a “fast lane” ban as long as it contains a giant loophole (Commentary)

AT&T has vehemently argued against Internet service being treated like a utility. And now, despite that court ruling, AT&T claims that the FCC can ban fast lanes or "paid prioritization" without reclassifying broadband. However, AT&T’s argument includes a big loophole that would actually allow extensive paid prioritization.

Google Eyes Expansion of Fast Broadband to Britain

Google has held talks with a British company called CityFibre, with a goal of extending its Google Fiber project outside the United States for the first time. The discussions broke down amid concerns from CityFibre that an existing partnership with BSkyB would be threatened.

Google Touts Online Store Deals with CBS, Viacom

Google has inked pacts with CBS and Viacom to sell TV episodes through the company’s Google Play online store, as it continues to ratchet up competition with Apple and Amazon. Nikesh Arora, Google’s departing business chief, cited the deals during the company’s earnings call.

Amazon Unveils Kindle Unlimited Subscription Service

Amazon has rolled out a new subscription service for Kindle devices that will allow users unlimited access to thousands of books and audiobooks for $9.99 a month. The Kindle Unlimited service will give users the ability to read as much as they want from some 600,000 Kindle books.

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