Digital Daily Dozen: 5/5/15

‘Internet of Things’ demands more Web addresses, Internet founder says (USA Today) An explosion in the number of devices that needed Internet protocol addresses as part of the “Internet of Things” has created a slower Internet for some users and a series of website problems, online pioneer Vint Cerf said. Cerf, a founder of the net, told an audience at the National Press Club that the world needs more Internet addresses.

FCC Chairman Wheeler’s Plan for Fighting Net Neutrality: ‘Not to Lose’ (The Verge) FCC Chair Tom Wheeler thinks his agency is on firm ground with its new net neutrality rules — and that Comcast was right to drop its attempts at buying competitor Time Warner Cable. Wheeler has already said that letting Comcast merge with TWC would have posed an “unacceptable risk” to competition.

Facebook’s Free Internet for the Poor Leaves Out High-Bandwidth Sites (Ars Technica) Facebook announced the platform, “an open program for developers to easily create services that integrate with” Any developer will be able to build services that can be accessed through, but there are limits on what they can offer.”

Live Streams and Pay TV (Los Angeles Times) The “Fight of the Century” has ignited a battle between cable giants and upstart live-streaming apps. The conflict centers on video apps such as Twitter’s Periscope and rival Meerkat, which allow smartphone users to instantly broadcast anything to anyone, anywhere.

Comcast Is Now an Internet Company (Recode) We’ve been watching this one for a while, and now we are juuust about there: Comcast, the biggest cable company in the U.S., is about to become a broadband company — meaning it has more high-speed Internet subscribers than pay-TV subscribers. In fact, maybe we’re already there.

Comcast Lets X1 Subs Stream Live Video to Set-Tops (Multichannel) Comcast, targeting a category made popular by the recent debuts of Meerkat and Twitter’s Periscope app, has entered the mobile live streaming sector with Xfinity Share, an app that lets X1 subs send live video streams, recorded video, and digital photos to the TV as well as to other smartphones.

NAB: FCC Showing ‘Unfounded Favoritism’ in Auction (Broadcasting & Cable) The National Association of Broadcasters may be OK with the FCC’s early 2016 broadcast incentive auction time frame and supportive of a successful auction for all parties, but it still argues that the FCC is showing “unfounded favoritism for wireless and unlicensed operations over TV broadcasting.”

Goodlatte: Tweaking Antitrust Beats Title II (Broadcasting & Cable) House Judiciary Committee chair Bob Goodlatte took aim at the FCC, offering up various legislative options for blocking the FCC’s reclassification of broadband under Title II, including adjusting antitrust laws. “You can protect the openness of the Internet a better way by having competition protected by antitrust laws,” he said.

The Last Piece of Apple’s TV Puzzle: Local and Sports (Redef) As part of the classic pay TV bundle, people are accustomed to getting all the live local channels as part of the basic tier. But this is only possible because their local pay TV provider has contracted with the local broadcasters to deliver this service. If Apple were to provide a national rollout for its TV service, it would have to sign contracts.

Brought To You By The Consumers: TripleLift, Sticky Uncover Preferred Native Ad Disclosures (Mediapost) Native advertising, the notoriously popular subset of today’s digital ad industry, appears to be here to stay. And with marketers being told they must label their advertising as, well, advertising, a slew of short disclosure phrases have become popular. Ranging from “Advertising” to “Brought To You Buy” — which one is the best?

Social Media Use Grows In Newsrooms (RTDNA) The latest survey from RTDNA finds that TV and radio newsrooms are making greater use of Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Nearly three-quarter of TV news directors reported doing something new with social media in 2014. Overall, newsrooms with Twitter accounts didn’t increase over the prior year.

How Hulu’s Smaller Distribution Is An Advantage (Wall Street Journal) When is less really more? Perhaps when it comes to deciding which subscription video-on-demand service to license your content to, if you are also an owner of television channels. That’s what AMC Networks Chief Executive Josh Sapan suggested, when he was asked to explain why he recently did a licensing deal with Hulu.

New app can unearth video gems on Periscope (CIO) In perhaps the first sign that live streaming might spawn its own assortment of sub-players, a visual data analysis startup is putting its chops to work to categorize and rank videos on Periscope, the app owned by Twitter. Dextro is a web app that categorizes and links to videos posted publicly in Periscope as they’re broadcast in real time.