Digital Daily Dozen 4/5/17

Trump has signed repeal of the FCC privacy rules. Here’s what happens next

President Trump signed congressional legislation Monday night that repeals the Federal Communications Commission’s privacy protections for Internet users, rolling back a landmark policy from the Obama era and enabling Internet providers to compete with Google and Facebook in the online ad market.  –USA Today


FCC Changes Course On Broadband, Won’t Force Charter To Compete

Continuing its pattern of dismantling Obama-era policies, the Federal Communications Commission has reversed one of the conditions placed on Charter when it merged with Time Warner and Bright House.  –Media Post


Democrats Push FCC To Preserve Open Internet Rules

Net neutrality rules have helped to “keep the Internet free from discrimination against users, regardless of their race or economic status,” a group of House Democrats said today in a letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai.  –Media Post


Federal Spectrum Bill Reintroduced

A bipartisan bill, the Federal Spectrum Incentive Act, has been reintroduced in an effort to get government spectrum holders to give it up for the cause, the cause being more spectrum for wireless broadband, Wi-Fi and more.  –B&C


Visitors to the U.S. may have to hand over their phones and Facebook passwords before they get a visa

Coming to America? You may have to hand over your phone — and your Facebook password — before you do.  –Recode


NASA Kennedy Partners to Help Develop Self-driving Cars

Since its inception, NASA has been known as an agency that opens doors to the future. While focusing on exploration beyond our home planet, agency experts also are working to improve life right here on Earth. NASA at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida recently joined a partnership created to help perfect self-driving cars.  –NASA


FCC Forms Rural Broadband Auctions Task Force

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced the formation of the Rural Broadband Auctions Task Force to implement the upcoming Universal Service Fund-related auctions.  –Telecompetitor


Amazon will live stream 10 NFL games this season, replacing Twitter

Amazon has reportedly reached a deal with the NFL to stream 10 Thursday Night Football games this year, the company confirmed to TechCrunch.  –TechCrunch


Google’s Espresso networking tech takes SD-WAN to internet scale

The service intelligently routes internet traffic in real time.  –IT World


Montana joins others in effort to bolster internet privacy

States have started writing their own legislation to protect broadband privacy after Congress voted to repeal regulations that would have required internet providers to obtain their customers’ consent before collecting their personal information.  –SFGate


Good-bye Internet pioneers. Hello, Oath?

Verizon to combine Yahoo and AOL under the Oath umbrella  –Network World


Inventor of World Wide Web wins computing’s ‘Nobel Prize’

Most people who search on Google, share on Facebook and shop on Amazon have never heard of Sir Tim Berners-Lee. But they might not be doing any of those things had he not invented the World Wide Web.  –Washington Post




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