Digital Daily Dozen 4/10/17

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FCC’s Pai Pulls Plug on Plane Phone-Use Item

FCC chairman Ajit Pai said Monday he plans to scrap his predecessor’s proposal to relax rules on cell phone use on planes.  –B&C


Teens Can’t Get Enough of Mobile Video

US teens spend a lot of time watching video on their phones.  And with so many options out there—like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu—that’s not really surprising.  –eMarketer


No Longer Scary, Watson Becomes A Coworker

Now that consumers are at least somewhat convinced IBM’s artificial intelligence system isn’t some real-life HAL-9000, it’s time to show how the system can tangibly help businesses.  –Media Post


The next evolution in office working could be employees getting implanted with a microchip

From pacemakers that keep the heart beating to swallowable sensors that can tell when someone takes their meds, people have been implanting machines into their bodies for decades.  But a growing trend in bodily implants — inserting a computer chip under the skin — is more about morphing people into literal cyborgs than addressing a medical condition.  –Recode


The tech industry is already rebelling against the FCC’s latest plan for net neutrality

A short-lived ceasefire over net neutrality is quickly coming to an end.  Silicon Valley is already rebelling against a plan by Republican FCC Chairman Ajit Pai that would cancel the government’s net neutrality rules — and perhaps leave it to telecom giants like AT&T and Comcast to decide whether to adhere to open internet principles.  –Recode


Trump Taps Vishal Amin as New IP Czar

The White House IP czar post, which coordinates enforcement of intellectual property laws by various government agencies, was created by the Pro-IP Act.  –B&C


FCC Rules WSKQ-FM Radio Broadcast Was Indecent

The FCC has ruled that a radio broadcast over a decade ago qualified as indecent and has reached a consent decree with WSKQ-FM New York in which it will pay $10,000. That was the word from Ajit Pai’s acting Media Bureau chief Michelle Carey.  –B&C


5G Spectrum Drives $1.6 Billion AT&T Straight Path Purchase

Straight Path’s primary assets are spectrum licenses in bands suitable for 5G deployment. The AT&T Straight Path purchase will bring those licenses – in the 39 GHz and 28 GHz bands – into the AT&T fold.  –Telecompetitor


FCC Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee Members Announced

Pai created the BDAC with the goal of identifying “regulatory barriers to infrastructure investment and to make recommendations to the commission on reducing and/or removing them.”  –Telecompetitor


IoT malware begins to show destructive behavior

Researchers have observed attacks against IoT devices that wipe data from infected systems  –Computer World


The McDonald’s Snaplications campaign is recruiting teens through Snapchat

McDonald’s is working with Snapchat on a new job application program called “Snaplications,” which lets people participate in a brand activation while applying to McDonald’s in exactly the same way as always.  –The Verge


Americans support letting cities build their own broadband networks, Pew finds

Most Americans want to let local governments build out internet service if the internet providers in their area aren’t any good, according to the Pew Research Center.  –The Verge



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