Digital Daily Dozen 3/15/17

TiVo Tacks On Wurl TV’s OTT Channels

TiVo to make them available on retail devices and boxes distributed by MVPD partners  –B&C


Public Knowledge: Verizon/NYC Suit Highlights Definitional Challenge

Says policymakers need to define availability –B&C


FCC’s Pai Hits the Road for Broadband

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will take to the road this week on what is described as a “three-day driving tour” of  Midwestern cities–he is a native Kansan.  –MCN


Orban Rolls Out Orban HiFi

Audio processing company Orban is providing a 3D audio experience specifically for smart devices with its new Orban HiFi system.  –Radio


Layer3 TV Adds MLB Network, ‘Strike Zone’ to Lineup

Launches MLB Network on flagship ‘allHD Platinum’ package, MLB Network Strike Zone on Sports & Info tier  –MCN


Lawmakers Eye Energy Measures for Infrastructure Package

Lawmakers and the energy industry see a potential $1 trillion infrastructure package as an opportunity to improve the security of the electrical grid and promote oil pipelines and other projects.  –Morning Consult


AT&T’s legacy unlimited plans pop up in ‘black market’

Grandfathered unlimited data plans from AT&T are quietly being sold on third-party sites for thousands of dollars, according to a new report.  –Fierce Wireless


FirstNet, ready to move forward, awaits court’s decision

Short of a court’s decision on a protest filed by Rivada Mercury, FirstNet is ready to hit the ground running to deploy the nation’s first broadband network devoted to public safety.  –Fierce Wireless


Amtrak’s waiver request for Wi-Fi network rankles Wi-Fi Alliance, IEEE committee

Amtrak is asking the FCC for a waiver on certain conditions for the Wi-Fi network it plans to build along the Northeast Corridor, but Wi-Fi proponents are concerned that a waiver might adversely affect other users of Wi-Fi.  –Fierce Wireless


UHF discounts unlikely to be reinstituted, analyst says

With the incentive auctions nearly over and broadcast TV ownership rules expected to change, broadcasters are anticipating more consolidation. But it may not be that easy, according to one analyst.  –Fierce Cable


Congress Takes Blockchain 101

The heads of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus want their colleagues to know the technology has many uses besides currency.  –MIT Technology Review


Google tells army of ‘quality raters’ to flag Holocaust denial

10,000 contractors told to flag ‘upsetting-offensive’ content after months of criticism over hate speech, misinformation and fake news in search results  –The Guardian



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