Digital Daily Dozen 2/17/17

The FCC wants you to be able to listen to FM radio from your smartphone

Chairman Ajit Pai wades into a long-running debate between broadcasters and wireless companies.  –The Washington Post


FCC’s Pai on Broadcast TV: ‘Keep It Clean’

Ajit Pai gave his first TV interview as chairman of the FCC to Fox Business Network and said he would investigate indecency complaints against CBS, NBC or anyone else if they were presented to him.  –B&C


Cisco reserves $125 million to pay for faulty clock component in switches, routers

In its quarterly financial results announcement, this week, Cisco said it had set aside $125 million to help cover the cost of replacing networking gear impacted by a fatal clock component.  –Network World


DirecTV, Fox Sports Set 4K Tip-Off

AT&T and Fox Sports said they’ll offer what’s being billed as the first live college basketball game to be delivered in 4K when DirecTV offers Friday night’s NCAA men’s matchup between California and Stanford in the pixel-packed format.  –MCN


Amazon and Google may bring back home phones

Amazon and Google may try to turn their home voice assistants into telephones, according to a report which says the internet giants may introduce the service in 2017 although several obstacles are said to stand in the way. Among the issues: privacy, regulations, emergency services, and whether users want their calls on a speaker.  –Mashable


Verizon just acquired a drone company

The telecom giant announced last year that it would start providing data plans for drones, too.  –Recode


US Air Force Begins Migrating Email To Cloud

The United States Air Force has expanded its partnership with Microsoft to migrate its email service to a cloud-based system by the end of 2017.  –Media Post


Civil Rights Groups Hope FCC Republicans Will Tackle Stingrays

A complaint filed at the Federal Communications Commission could make it difficult for law enforcement to use cell-site simulators, also known as Stingrays, to conduct widespread cellphone surveillance.  –Inside Sources


Second Circuit Gives Belated Valentine’s Day Gift to Music Licensees by Ruling for Sirius XM Regarding Its Use of Pre-72 Sound Recordings

We previously told you about the Christmas gift that New York’s highest state court had given to licensees that play “oldies” recordings by finding that the owners of those recordings had no right to demand payment when the recordings were publicly performed in New York.  That ruling came in one of many lawsuits that Flo & Eddie – a company owned by two members of The Turtles (of “Happy Together” fame) – had filed against Sirius XM Radio challenging Sirius XM’s use of sound recordings created before February 15, 1972.  –Comm Law Blog


Indies Share ACA’s ATSC 3.0 Capacity Concerns

Tell FCC they are at risk if channels have to be dropped to make room  –B&C


Machine Learning Invades the Real World on Internet Balloons

Alphabet’s wacky-sounding plan to deliver the internet to the world’s farthest-flung places via giant balloons—is even closer to reality than the company previously thought.  –Wired


America’s Self-Driving Anxiety

Autonomous vehicles hold great promise to remake our society and economy, but not everyone is along for the ride.  –Inside Sources



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