Digital Daily Dozen 2/1/17

Facebook changes feed to promote posts that aren’t fake, sensational, or spam

Facebook is prioritizing “authentic” content in News Feed with a ranking algorithm change that detects and promotes content “that people consider genuine, and not misleading, sensational, or spammy.”.  –Tech Crunch


Citi Rolls Out Latest Advances in Mobile

Effective immediately, U.S. Citi credit cardmembers can scan their cards using their mobile device’s camera when activating in the Citi Mobile App. Once scanned, the company tells us, …  –Mobile Marketing Watch


Pai Silent on Enforcing Net Neutrality

The new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission was silent on the subject of net neutrality during the new administration’s first open meeting Tuesday, saying only that his first priority will be to “close the digital divide.”  –Inside Sources


Media Bureau Adopts Post-Auction Policies and Procedures for Stations Transitioning to New Channels Following the Broadcast Incentive Auction

On January 27, 2017, the FCC’s Media Bureau released two Public Notices announcing: (1) a methodology for establishing construction deadlines for post-incentive auction facilities; and (2) instructions and proposed deadlines for filing applications related to the post-incentive auction broadcast transition.  –Comm Law Blog


Tech companies can no longer avoid politics—and the fallout could be ugly

Tech companies have been famously averse to taking political stands. That’s not going to work any more.  –Network World


The FCC won’t force cable companies to unlock their set-top boxes after all

Looks like the cable guys won’t have to open their boxes after all.  The Federal Communications Commission has essentially dropped a plan that would require pay TV operators to “unlock” their set-top boxes and allow third-party companies to build their own boxes.  –Recode


Report: Apple CEO wants White House to reconsider immigration order

Apple is exploring its legal options as the iPhone maker and other tech giants decry President Trump’s executive order on immigration.  –USA Today


Amazon is building a $1.5 billion hub for its own cargo airline

Need another sign that Amazon is dead serious about building a giant logistics network to challenge UPS and FedEx? The online retailer will open its own cargo air hub in Northern Kentucky, where it plans to employ 2,000 people, it announced today.  –Recode


Spectrum Auction Total Increases by $64 Million

n the first round since the FCC boosted its asking price increase by 10%, bidders bid up the total by $64 million in round 22 of stage four of the forward portion of the spectrum incentive auction.  –B&C


Ex-FCC Officials Hang Out Public Policy Shingle

Three former top FCC officials for the Tom Wheeler-led FCC have teamed up to form Quadra Partners, a broadband-focused public policy firm. Wheeler exited Jan. 20 with the change in administrations.  –B&C


CTA’s Shapiro Pitches Hill on Invalidating Broadband Privacy Rules

Consumer Technology Association president Gary Shapiro went to the Hill Wednesday to pitch reconsideration of the FCC’s broadband privacy framework.  –B&C


Comcast launches beta for using your Roku like a cable box

Starting today, Comcast is letting its customers use a Roku as a secondary cable box. If you’ve got a Roku streaming device “released in the last couple years” — or a Roku TV — you can download the Xfinity TV app beta from the Roku store and give the experience a test run before it widely launches later this year.  –The Verge




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