Digital Daily Dozen 1/7/2014

AT&T reveals launch partners for sponsored-data program
AT&T has revealed the launch partners for its plan to let marketers pay for the data consumers use when watching their content. When ads or content from one of the partners are played on a smartphone, it will feature a Sponsored Data icon and cost the user nothing. AT&T hopes to expand the program.

Did AT&T just create a pay-for-play mobile Internet?

AT&T just made surfing the mobile Web a little easier on your wallet — but in doing so, it risks threatening the long-term openness of the Internet. With a new product called Sponsored Data, AT&T subscribers will be able to take advantage of certain Internet services without that usage counting against their data caps.

ABC Family requires subscription to unlock app content
ABC Family is revamping its mobile application to require users to authenticate their cable subscriptions for both live streaming and next-day viewing of shows. The change is part of a move aimed at cutting back access to free content, although new shows will still be available for free viewing eight days after air.

Apps for mobile viewing challenge cable operators, TV networks

U.S. cable and satellite television operators, already locking horns with programmers over subscriber fees, are now squaring off over the mobile apps that viewers are increasingly using to watch TV. Internet-based services such as Netflix have gotten millions of viewers accustomed to catching shows on tablets and phones.

Why Studios Prefer YouTube for Their Biggest Trailer Debuts

When Sony finished trailers for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ and “22 Jump Street” last month, it posted them on YouTube. That may not seem novel since everything is on YouTube — including this video of a woman leading a [youtube] — but it actually reflects a significant shift in studio marketing strategy.

How to Improve Hollywood in 2014: 9 Experts on the Future of Film and TV

From a distance, the Hollywood sign has never shone brighter. The box office will hit record numbers this year and TV continues to be a cash cow. Yet, a digital economy that roiled the industry continues to sweep away old business models. In some cases, newer forms of distribution and production are leading to more creativity.

From The ‘Big 3’ To ‘Big Data:’ TV Audience Targeting Comes Of Age

At a time when Madison Avenue has been consumed by the role Big Data is playing in transforming the rest of its marketing and media mix — especially online, social and mobile — parallel developments have been radically altering the infrastructure for planning, buying and evaluating its biggest medium, television.

Both broadband access and broadband speed positively affect household incomes, according to a new analysis by network equipment vendor Ericsson. The study, conducted with Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, continues earlier work by three partners on the impact of broadband.

As public schools nationwide embrace instruction via iPads, laptops and other technologies, many are realizing they lack the necessary broadband speed to perform even simple functions. This is crimping classroom instruction as more teachers pull lesson plans off the Internet and use bandwidth-hungry programming.

Through many disclosures, we’ve learned an enormous amount about the NSA’s surveillance capabilities, how the agency is failing to protect us, and what we need to do to regain security in the Information Age. First and foremost, the surveillance state is robust. It is robust politically, legally, and technically.

Court Decision Exempts Secret Memo From FOIA, Sets Stage For Future Secret Laws To Go Unchallenged

The "most transparent administration" received another win for continued secrecy, thanks to an appeals court decision that allowed it to continue to withhold a DOJ memo that created an exploitable loophole in consumer data privacy protections.

FAA: Drone Recording By Journos Is Illegal

Hobbyists are allowed to use small, radio-controlled crafts under specific guidelines, but “if you’re using it for any sort of commercial purposes, including journalism, that’s not allowed,” says a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman.

Nielsen Tracking Cable Nets’ Viewer Loyalty

Nielsen is set to introduce a standardized measurement for viewer loyalty across broadcast and cable networks. The company has measured the loyalty of viewers to networks and shows in the past, but up until now has lacked a way to standardize the metrics across networks.

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