Digital Daily Dozen 1/30/2014

When the Big Game Advertisers Compete for the Web, Google Wins

The big game isn’t until Sunday, but for Super Bowl advertisers the first quarter is already over. That’s because increasingly the battle isn’t for the game itself but for the pre- and post-game views on the web, not to mention related spoils such as shares, tweets, likes and comments.

Channel Sharing Pilot Tests One Option for Broadcasters in the Incentive Auction (Commentary)

A proposed channel sharing trial between two Los Angeles television stations will test one of the choices with which the FCC has presented broadcasters that opt to accept a lucrative near-term payout in exchange for some of their spectrum rights.

Rockefeller Takes Issue With President’s Private Data Storage Proposal

Commerce Committee chairman Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) paid a visit to a Senate Select Intelligence Committee hearing on national security threats to register his opposition to the President’s proposal to have a third party, rather than the NSA, store telephone metadata related to NSA’s data collection operations.

comScore, CIMM to Expand Cross-Platform Measurement

In an important development for programmers looking to boost revenue from digital video consumption, comScore announced that it would be working with the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement to expand its cross-platform measurement service.

Wireless Mergers Will Draw Scrutiny, Antitrust Chief Says

William J. Baer, assistant attorney general for the antitrust division, said consumers have enjoyed "much more favorable competitive conditions" since the division blocked a proposed merger between AT&T and T-Mobile in 2011.

Prince drops $22 million copyright suit against Facebook fans

"The pop artist Prince is known for getting sue-crazy when it comes to copyright infringement of his work, but when he filed a $22 million lawsuit against some of his die-hard fans, it seemed he might have gone too far," CNET reports. "Apparently, the artist has now dropped the suit, according to TMZ."$22m-copyright-suit-against-facebook-fans/?Media

Google close to settling EU antitrust probe – sources

Google is close to settling a three-year European antitrust probe with "much better" concessions to allay concerns over blocking rivals such as Microsoft from internet search results, two sources said on Wednesday.

Facebook Turns 10, Releases ‘Paper’ News App
As Facebook marks its 10th birthday on Feb. 4, the social networking giant is releasing the first in a series of mobile apps. The first, called Paper, strives to be "the Internet’s magazine," offering photos and shared articles. "The future of Facebook may not rest entirely on Facebook itself."

Twitter, CNN Unveil New Tool to Help Journalists
Twitter and CNN have released a tool that will help journalists identify breaking news soon after it happens. The tool, developed in partnership with social analytics company Dataminr, is designed to identify potentially breaking news as it’s "emerging on Twitter in real time."

Analysis: Why Everyone Is Starting a News Site
Ken Doctor, Outsell news industry analyst: "You’d think the new digital printing presses were minting money. … We’ll continue to see lots of tech-led ‘news’ startups. Let’s be clear: The biggest bets here are funded by funny money — money that’s not intended to make more money."


The FCC has, until recently, taken a distinctly hands off approach to broadband services. The results have been nothing short of amazing. The Internet is a free market success story, and the US is the star. All that success ultimately wasn’t enough, however, to keep the FCC from seeking to extend its regulatory reach.

During a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, Sen. Ron Wyden and Sen. Mark Udall took intelligence officials to task for what Udall called a "truth deficit" between the intelligence community and the American public.

The German government and the German Federal Intelligence Service are facing legal action because they allegedly aided the US NSA data collection program. "We will send the legal action to the authorities," said Constanze Kurz, a German computer scientist and spokeswoman for the Chaos Computer Club.

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