Digital Daily Dozen 1/23/2014

Verizon: We Received 320,000 Govt. Data Requests In 2013

According to its promised report on government data requests, Verizon received "approximately 320,000 requests for customer information from federal, state or local law enforcement in the United States," in 2013, the company said Jan. 22.

Big Web Crash in China: Experts Suspect Great Firewall

On Tuesday, most of China’s 500 million Internet users were unable to load websites for up to eight hours, and experts say the country’s own system of Internet control was to blame.

Watchdog Report Says N.S.A. Program Is Illegal and Should End

The 238-page report is likely to inject a significant new voice into the debate over surveillance, underscoring that the issue was not settled by a speech President Obama gave last week.

Mobile Video – How Long Until Prime Time?

While the vast majority of the population watches some amount of TV everyday – often hours of it – mobile video is still at the stage where short clips and less frequent usage dominates the medium. But what’s more interesting than where we are now, is the rate at which things are changing.

Report: IPhone 5S owners are heavy data users
Owners of the iPhone 5S download almost seven times as much data as iPhone 3G users, according to a global study conducted by JDSU’s mobile data analytics unit which found heavier consumption of data among 4G network users compared to those on 3G. In the study, 0.1% of 4G users accounted for half of all downloads.

Netflix’s secret weapon in the net neutrality fight

People generally think of Netflix as a potential loser in the recent court decision overturning the government’s network neutrality regulations. But on Wednesday, the company flexed its muscles in an unmistakable show of corporate power meant for Internet providers.

Snapchat’s new verification already hacked

In about the time it takes to order of one of those vile pizza replicas from Domino’s, one security researcher has proven how Snapchat’s new verification system can be hacked.

Google, Viacom Seek Dismissal of Privacy Case
Google and Viacom have asked a federal judge to dismiss a potential class-action lawsuit accusing the companies of violating privacy laws at, and The suit stems from charges that the companies place cookies on sites visited by kids.

Disney: Television to Become the Second Screen
Walt Disney Studios exec Mark Arana has predicted that the television will become a second screen, essentially a dumb terminal for content streamed from various mobile devices. "Tablets and the interfaces that they provide are going to be much richer, much more fluid."

Fox to Stream Super Bowl Through FoxSportsGo
Fox Sports plans to stream Super Bowl XLVIII live through and its Fox Sports Go mobile app, marking the first time the game will be available through an app. Fox Sports will remove the authentication for Fox Sports Go covering the time of the game.

Why Amazon’s Data Store Doesn’t Scare People — But Facebook’s Does

Americans increasingly see Google, Facebook and Twitter as data threats — but not Amazon. Here’s why.

Carl Bildt, Sweden’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, will chair a new Global Commission on Internet Governance, launched by The Centre for International Governance Innovation and the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The Global Commission is a two-year initiative that will produce a comprehensive stand.


In our hyper-wired world, it’s hard to imagine that just a skimpy 35% of the global population has Internet access. The promise of getting that remaining 65% — or at least some of it — is a cornucopia of economic temptation.

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