Digital Daily Dozen 1/23/17

Sprint takes 33% stake in Tidal, plans to offer it to its 45M users

Here’s an interesting turn of events in the ongoing story of the streaming music industry. Today, Sprint, itself owned by Softbank, announced it would take a 33 percent stake in Tidal.  –Tech Crunch


‘Best-kept secret in SD-WAN’ publicly rolls out managed service

A Maryland-based EchoStar subsidiary best known as a provider of network management services announced today that it will offer a managed SD-WAN product as part of its HughesON lineup.  –Network World


Telecommunications company Avaya files for bankruptcy

Telecommunications company Avaya Inc filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Thursday to reduce its debt load of about $6.3 billion but said it would not sell its call center business, which it had tried to do last year.  –Reuters


2016 Was a Record Year for Data Breaches

U.S. companies and government agencies suffered a record 1,093 data breaches last year, a 40 percent increase from 2015, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center.  –Bloomberg


Researchers build carbon nanotube transistors that outperform those made with silicon

A team of researchers at Peking University has built a carbon nanotube-based working transistor and report that it outperformed larger transistors made with silicon. In their paper published in the journal Science, the team describes how they built the transistor, how it performed and the challenges that still remain before such transistors can be mass produced.  –PHYS ORG


PlayStation VR Supports YouTube 360 Videos

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announced Jan. 20 that a firmware upgrade for the PlayStation 4 now allows for the viewing of 360-degree YouTube videos on the PlayStation VR.  –B&C


Amazon Makes Dash Buttons Virtual

That’s right. Amazon is bringing “Dash Buttons” — originally designed to exist in the real world — online, where most of its dollars are made. visitors are already being offered virtual brand-specific buttons based on their purchase patterns.  –Media Post


SEC said to be investigating Yahoo over data breaches

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating Yahoo over the high-profile data leaks disclosed last year, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.  –CNET


Samsung blames two separate battery faults for Galaxy Note 7 fires

Samsung has blamed lithium-ion batteries for causing its Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones to overheat and catch fire, a fault that led to the global recall of millions of devices and damaged consumer confidence in the world’s biggest maker of smartphones.  –The Guardian


What to expect from Artificial Intelligence in 2017?

Artificial intelligence has been one of the buzzing trends of 2016. From partnerships with top-notch ecommerce and OEMs players to attracting the interests of investors, Artificial Intelligence clearly left its mark across different sectors.  –E


Alexa and Google Assistant have a problem: People aren’t sticking with voice apps they try

Amazon Echo and Google Home were the breakaway hits of the holiday shopping season. But both devices — and the voice technologies that power them — have some major hurdles to overcome if they want to keep both consumers and software developers engaged.  –Recode


The Military May Soon Buy the Same Drones You Do

TINY DRONES COULD scout high-rise buildings and underground tunnels for possible threats to US troops in cities of the future.  –Wired



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