Digital Daily Dozen 12/27/2013

Fox sees big opportunities, challenges in mobile
Mobile presents great opportunities for Fox Broadcasting in terms of second-screening and rapidly increasing access to programming, Fox President of Digital David Wertheimer said.

TV ad spend seen losing ground as digital growth accelerates
Digital ad spending growth will outpace growth in television ad spend through 2017, eMarketer projects in a report. Boosted by digital, this year’s increase in total paid media is greater than the increase for television.

Honeymoon’s Over For Apple’s iTunes Radio — What’s Next For Advertisers?

ITunes Radio’s first wave of advertisers have been pleased with the streaming music service since its September launch, but Apple’s digital radio product hasn’t checked every item on their wish lists, like more granular ad-targeting options than the standard parameters like age, gender and zip code.

The Pirate Bay, seeing imminent homelessness, develops own browser

The Pirate Bay (TPB), the famed and infamous BitTorrent tracking site, a couple of days ago hoisted anchor yet again and relocated its domain from Peru (.pe) to Guyana (.gy) then, when its registration was suspended a few hours later, popped up again registered in Sweden (.se).

Google Penalizes Website for Using Link Schemes
Google has penalized the lyric website Rap Genius for using link schemes to manipulate the Internet search giant’s rankings. A Google search for "rap genius" will not produce a link to in the top results. The founders of Rap Genius apologized: "We effed up."

YouTube’s Machinima to Look Beyond Gamers
Machinima, the popular YouTube channel aimed at people who play video games, intends to become something bigger. "We want to be on a billion devices," said advertising head Jay Sampson. Phones, gaming consoles, maybe even something as old-fashioned as the TV.

Mobile Video Ads Expected to Take Off in 2014
Digital videos will continue to challenge television for advertising budgets as tablets give traditional TVs a run for their money as the primary screen that consumers choose to watch videos on, according to Tod Sacerdoti, CEO of video ad services company BrightRoll.

Website tracks how apps consume data

A website launched by wireless trade group CTIA examines how some of the most popular mobile apps consume data. Know My App features several popular apps and estimates how much cellular data they use each month. The apps are tested on both Android and iOS devices, and are based on one day’s usage.

Retrans Roundup: Deals That Must Get Done

As Dec. 31 nears, the noise over potential blackouts gets a bit louder. Here’s a rundown of some of the retransmission consent deals that still need to be settled.

FCC Sets IP Clip Captioning Comment Dates

The FCC requires that certain video programming delivered online by TV stations be captioned if that programming previously aired on TV with captions. All video programming that appeared on TV with captions after April 30, 2012, is considered "covered Internet Protocol video" and is required to be captioned online.

‘Thrones’ Reigns As Most Pirated TV Show

Following its 2012 performance, the most pirated TV show for all of 2013 was HBO’s Game of Thrones — more than its illegal downloads of a year ago. CBS’s Big Bang Theory is the most pirated U.S. broadcast network originated show.

Bitcoin exchanges suspend operations in India amid govt warning

India’s largest bitcoin trading platform has suspended its operations, citing a recent public advisory by the central bank highlighting the risks of virtual currencies. The closure of, which sees about 12 million rupees of Bitcoin transactions monthly, has spooked a number of other trading platforms.

Major Recording Labels Prepare to Sue Russia’s Facebook

Russia’s telecoms regulator has just stated that the country’s Facebook equivalent vKontakte has done enough against piracy to have itself removed from the USTR’s Special 301 Report. However, the major labels including Sony, Universal, EMI and Warner seem to disagree and say they are preparing to sue the social net giant.

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