Digital Daily Dozen 12/26/2013

New-TV-Nets Scorecard: Eight Channels to Watch in 2014

Viewer fragmentation, on-demand streaming video platforms and threats from cable companies to prune under-performing networks didn’t stop new channels from popping up in 2013, including a sports channel with visions of taking down the leviathan that is ESPN.

Viacom, TWC Set New Distribution Deal

The deal includes "expansive" TV Everywhere rights. Also new for TWC customers: The availability of Epix.

Why small businesses must tackle cybersecurity (Commentary)

The 23 million small businesses that are thriving in America today are the foundation of local communities across the country. Most businesses must adhere to the "always- on" world and stay connected with customers that cause potential concerns securing sensitive data.

Is This The End Of Time? (Commentary)

The media business has always been heavily time-based. Attempting to break news first or run live sports, planning the best time to schedule or buy programming or advertising to reach the right audiences at the right time has defined the mass media business since inception.

TV Message by Snowden Says Privacy Still Matters

In a message broadcast on British television, Edward J. Snowden urged an end to mass surveillance, arguing that the electronic monitoring he has exposed surpasses anything imagined by George Orwell in "1984."

As New Services Track Habits, the E-Books Are Reading You

Several new e-book subscription services are analyzing the data of readers and providing it free.

Google sues to protect Android device makers from Apple-backed patent hell

Google has filed a new lawsuit to challenge an Apple-backed consortium known as Rockstar that is using dubious patents to threaten its partners and customers in the mobile device industry. Google claims that Rockstar’s patent campaign is taking aim at hundreds of California tech companies.

Feds indict three alleged Silk Road forum moderators and administrators

The Department of Justice has indicted three men who it suspects helped run the Silk Road, an online drug marketplace that was hidden through the Tor anonymous Web-surfing network. The three men are alleged to have worked with suspected Silk Road owner and operator Ross Ulbricht, who was arrested earlier this year.

If not the NSA, who should store the phone data? (Commentary)

A measure that President Obama is considering as a way to curb the National Security Agency’s mass storage of phone data is already facing resistance — not only from the intelligence community but also from privacy advocates, the phone industry and some lawmakers.

Streaming Programming Competing with Broadcast

Cable cutters are making their presence known in a major way and streaming portals like YouTube, Hulu and Netflix are reaping the benefits. With hit original programming executives are suddenly seeing that streaming videos have reached the mainstream and are competing with broadcast and cable outlets.

How US Internet service might get better—and worse—in 2014

2013, like just about every year before it, was the year nearly all of us complained about our Internet service. "It’s too slow!" we said. "Too expensive!" And we were generally right, as a study by the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute found that US consumers pay more for slower service.

China Unicom launches a cloud of its own

China is a hot bed of cloud activity. The latest entrant — China Unicom just launched a full-service OpenStack cloud.

Changing, growing mobile is seen taking a bigger share of ad spend
Mobile is taking up more space in consumers’ lives, with the average data use of some Android devices now above 4GB a month, according to wireless carrier consultant Chetan Sharma. And advertisers appear to be catching on, with mobile soon to account for nearly 6% of total global ad spending, per Berg Insight.

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