Digital Daily Dozen 1/2/2014

Beware a Public Debate About Data Privacy (Commentary)

The ready availability of data that consumers volunteer about themselves underpins many of next year’s marketing plans. We should be prepared that it will not remain so readily available in 2014.

Snapchat, Skype have security breach

Several million Snapchat usernames and phone numbers were apparently leaked online Tuesday night. Several outlets reported that 4.6 million usernames and phone numbers were posted as a downloadable database by so-far anonymous hackers. The site where the database was posted appeared to be down Wednesday.

ABC To Limit New Episodes Online For 1 Week

Starting Jan. 6 the network will restrict next-day access to new episodes of TV shows to subscribers of participating pay TV affiliates and Hulu Plus. Whereas previously ABC shows were available to anyone for free, under the new system only paying subs will have next-day access.

New Year Rings in Sales Tax for Amazon Shoppers in Three States

Attention Amazon shoppers in Indiana, Nevada and Tennessee: you’ll have to pay sales tax on your purchases. Amazon agreed to begin collecting sales tax in the three states in 2014, bringing to 19 the states in which it automatically adds tax to purchases. Those 19 states have a combined population of roughly 180 million.

The top four tech legal cases to watch in 2014

The new year will mark new beginnings for all of us, but it will also mark the continuation (and perhaps conclusion) of a number of high-profile tech legal cases. Here’s an update on the top four cases that we have our eyes on: the collective challenges to the NSA spying, Megaupload, Silk Road, and Lavabit.

Kansas Regents Will Reconsider Controversial Social-Media Policy

The Kansas Board of Regents announced that it planned to reconsider a controversial social-media policy it adopted about two weeks ago that has angered many faculty leaders. The policy gives chief executives of the state’s public colleges the authority to fire faculty and employees for online statements deemed improper.

RMLC v. SESAC 2014: Nothing Changes on New Year’s Day

The New Year. In the world of contracts, it’s an important time, as many annual agreements renew, often with previously-specified modifications automatically kicking in. Which brings us to the Radio Music License Committee (RMLC) and its effort to stop SESAC from jacking up its 2014 royalty rates for radio licensees.

Aereo Cert Day – January 13, 2014?

Will the Supreme Court agree to hear the broadcasters’ appeal of the Second Circuit’s denial of their efforts to put a temporary kibosh on Aereo’s operations in the Big Apple or not? That question is scheduled to be considered by the Justices in their closed-door conference on January 10, 2014.

Marketers are expected to tap into Big Data in 2014
Marketers will increasingly draw on Big Data as they find new ways to target their spending in 2014, according to Forrester Research. "A virtuous circle will be created as marketers develop smarter, more relevant programs across their mix by incorporating data-driven insights into their planning.”

Amazon Decides to Stop Hiding Its Web Video Service

Amazon has been spending time and money building up its Prime Instant online video service, but so far it hasn’t spent much time telling people about it: It’s very easy to invest a lot of time on without ever learning that the site has a catalog of movies and TV shows that’s starting to rival the stuff on Netflix.

Google Street View Class Action Survives: Ninth Circuit Holds Wi-Fi is Not "Radio" Under Wiretap Act

In the latest development in the Google Street View case, the Ninth Circuit once again upheld the lower court’s decision that Google’s collection of unencrypted Wi-Fi does not fit within an exception to the Wiretap Act that allows the interception and use of “radio transmissions” that are “readily accessible to the public.”

2013: The Internet of Things, Disappearing Messages, and an IPO for Twitter

The Internet of Things has long been on the rise. But in 2013 it soared in prominence, with the release of several devices whose functions were augmented by online connectivity. These gadgets were geared toward making everything from toys to your home more useful and accessible.

Instagram Rivals Twitter In Reach, Facebook In Engagement

Watching Facebook and Twitter navigate the rapid migration of their audiences from desktop to mobile was a key storyline of 2012 and 2013. But the mobile-first social networks are going to be the important narrative of 2014. We are not only talking about the super-charged rise of apps like Whatsapp, LINE and SnapChat.

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