Digital Daily Dozen 12/18/2013

Why Facebook video ads are a big win for TV, film marketers
Facebook’s new video ad units are set up to reach millions of users, so they could prove to be a popular play among TV brands — the same marketers who frequently use Twitter’s Promoted Trends.

Sprint, DISH will team on home fixed-wireless broadband service
Sprint and DISH Network will test a residential fixed wireless broadband service in Corpus Christi, Texas, in mid-2014 that will use an outdoor router or indoor equipment — such as high-gain antennas — provided by the satellite company. The companies hope to expand into additional markets beyond the pilot project.

Aereo Armageddon Ahead? (Commentary)

The Aereo War rages on, fought (like most wars) on several fronts, but always with an eye toward that epic battle destined to change the face of the conflict entirely. Yorktown. Waterloo. Gettysburg. Normandy. Possibly soon to be added to that list: Washington, likely site of the Aereo Armageddon.

Study finds consumer engagement generates more click-thrus
Consumer engagement, rather than conversions, has become a measure for consumer packaged goods and auto companies as they look to achieve higher click-thru rates for their mobile ads, according to a study by DG Mediamind. The survey uncovered an interaction rate among automotive advertisers of 20.7%.

Where Is Social TV Heading in 2014?

As we wrap up 2013, it looks like social TV is being pushed to its tipping point. Not only are we starting to find hard evidence proving the powerful return on investment of second-screen and social TV, we’re seeing real-time insights into what viewers are actually watching.

‘Native’ Expanding At Twice The Rate Of Display, Will Rise To 42% Of Social By 2017

Native advertising formats — ads that mimic the native non-advertising content on a publisher’s page — now represent more than a third (35.7%) of all advertising sold by social media outlets in the U.S., according to new estimates released this morning by media marketplace analyst and forecaster BIA/Kelsey.

Obama on defense over NSA

The White House was put further on defense over the National Security Agency on Tuesday as executives of the nation’s largest technology companies confronted President Obama over the agency’s spying program.

Patent troll bill taken up by Senate, but some say “slow down.”

Patent legislation sped through the House of Representatives after just two months of debate. Ars Technica reports that on Tuesday, "the Senate took up the debate, and there are strong indications that it won’t be speeding ahead at quite that rate."

Apple: ‘Candy Crush’ Is Most Downloaded App
According to Apple, "Candy Crush Saga" was the top free downloaded app from the App Store in 2013. By some reports, the game has been downloaded more than 500 million times since it launched in November 2012. The app for YouTube came in at second place.

Nielsen: Instagram Bigger Than Twitter on Mobile
On smartphones, Instagram proved more popular than its social-networking rival and would-be acquirer Twitter, according to Nielsen. The firm ranked Instagram seventh on its Top 10 list of smartphone apps and counted an average monthly audience of roughly 32 million people.


Eight prominent Internet technology companies unveiled an open letter calling for reforms to the government surveillance programs revealed by Edward Snowden. “The balance in many countries has tipped too far in favor of the state and away from the rights of the individual — rights that are enshrined in our constitution.”

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein said she would "welcome" a Supreme Court review of a NSA surveillance program that a district court judge ruled is likely unconstitutional. “Only the Supreme Court can resolve the question on the constitutionality of the NSA’s program,” said Feinstein.

In looking at the way that the Internet is performing across the world in 2013, it’s very clear that many countries are hitting their stride and growing in terms of their adoption of broadband. However, that growth comes at a cost: the progression of the Internet is signaling the beginning of the end of US’s place in the top.


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