Digital Daily Dozen 12/17/2013

Even without a full picture of the programs, two senators who were not on the Intelligence Committee became intense critics of NSA domestic surveillance: Barack Obama and Joe Biden. In May, 2006, then-Sen Biden said it was frightening to learn that the government was collecting telephone records.

Requiring AT&T, T-Mobile US and other telecom companies to retain bulk phone records for US spy programs is costly and risks exposing customer data to hackers, industry and privacy groups said. A White House advisory committee on NSA recommends that US carriers, instead of the NSA, hold phone records of millions of citizens.

At every stage in Comcast’s switch to a digital cable system over the past few years, all sorts of people ask what’s happening to their TV and what can be done. The latest round of questions came in Nov. 2013 when the company cut off access for basic subscribers in Washington who hadn’t yet added some sort of cable box.

NAB: EOBC Is Being Alarmist About Auction

National Association of Broadcasters’ executive VP of strategic planning and point man on the spectrum incentive auctions, branded the concerns about station pricing expressed by Expanding Opportunities for Broadcasters Coalition Exec Director Preston Padden at a Hill hearing last week as Chicken Little alarmism.

Netflix to Stream ‘Breaking Bad’ Spinoff Series
Netflix plans to stream "Better Call Saul," a new "Breaking Bad" prequel series, to its members in Europe and Latin America shortly after the show’s airing in the U.S., beginning in 2014. The deal underscores the international opportunity that digital streaming has opened up.

Judge: NSA’s collecting of phone records is probably unconstitutional

A federal judge ruled that the NSA’s daily collection of virtually all Americans’ phone records is almost certainly unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon found that a lawsuit by Larry Klayman, a conservative legal activist, has “demonstrated a substantial likelihood of success.”

Aereo Attacks Court Ruling Against Rival

Aereo says in court papers filed late last week that it "has a direct interest" in FilmOn X’s appeal, given that any appellate decision about FilmOn X "could affect the ability of Aereo and other ‘cloud computing’ Internet services to expand their technology offering to consumers."

Amazon Studios Plans To Shoot Programming In 4K

Amazon Studios plans to shoot all 2014 original series, both comedies and dramas, in 4K. “That includes our first ever drama series that we will greenlight next year. We think customers are going to love watching these series in the highest resolution ever available to consumers and we can’t wait to deliver it,” said Roy Price.

Advanced persistent threats now hitting mobile devices

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have become the target of malware and are even getting hit by highly targeted attacks known as "advanced persistent threats" that intended to steal sensitive data, according to a survey of 676 IT and security professionals.

Showdown: will on-demand kill the big TV get-together?

Christmas is a time to gather round the TV for seasonal specials. But will Netflix, LoveFilm and iPlayer make that way of watching a thing of the past?

Stitt: Live Streams Will Boost Local TV in 2014

Ron Stitt, group VP of digital media for Fox Television Stations, says local broadcasters are in a better position digitally now than they were three years ago thanks primarily to their mobile efforts. “Between the screen on the wall, the tablet in your lap and the phone in your hand, you have instant access to a screen at all times.”

YouTube Copyright Crackdown Hits Multichannel Network Affiliates

YouTube has ramped up efforts to let copyright holders flag infringing material uploaded by affiliates of multichannel networks — which has resulted in a wave of new claims.

Tech firms push to control Web’s pipes

"Technology giants like Google and Facebook are expanding efforts to control more of the world’s Internet backbone," the Wall Street Journal reports, "raising tensions with telecom companies over who runs the Web."

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