Digital Daily Dozen 12/12/16

Snapchat’s Latest Moves Are Making It Look More Like a TV Disrupter Than a Social App   

The next-generation television company may be in your pocket. Snapchat, once pegged by the public as a social-messaging app and recently self-declared camera-based platform, is actually starting to look more and more like TV for young viewers who prefer smartphones over flat screens, industry players say.



Why Twitter unbanned a leading member of the white supremacist alt-right   

Twitter said that Richard Spencer was suspended not for hate speech or for inciting harm, but for having too many accounts: “Our rules explicitly prohibit creating multiple accounts with overlapping uses. When we temporarily suspend multiple accounts for this violation, the account owner can designate one account for reinstatement.”



Why France’s Proposed ‘YouTube Tax’ Isn’t Going Away

Since before the 1960s French New Wave, France’s long-standing love of film-making has been savored among cinephiles worldwide. But in the digital era, should France’s lauded national cinema be subsidized by YouTube views? A new budget amendment in France has been put forward by three Socialist deputies who believe just that.



Obama orders review of foreign attempts to hack U.S. election

President Obama has ordered the nation’s intelligence agencies to conduct a full review of attempts by foreign hackers to influence U.S. elections — and he wants a report before he leaves office on Jan. 20. The review will look back to the past three presidential elections, and look for evidence of hacking beyond the already disclosed hacks.



A new type of cord-cutting: Snipping broadband 

When you think of cord cutting, you undoubtedly think of people giving up their subscriptions to pay TV in order to save money. But it may be time to broaden that definition. There’s new evidence that people are cutting the cord on something else as well – broadband internet. The finding comes in a new report from Ovum.




CenturyLink says a request from a consortium of parties, including Microsoft, to extend E-Rate services to rural students’ homes is not in line with the way the statute was written. The telecom company said that if the FCC granted the petitions, the regulator would actually cause more harm than good to the E-Rate program.



Will the internet of things sacrifice or save the environment? 

The internet of things – that ever-expanding ecosystem of digital sensors, home appliances and wearable smart devices – attracts its fair share of attention. Speculation is rife on how the 23bn-odd (and counting) “things” will improve quality of life, streamline business operations and ultimately fuel economic benefits.



Terror Scanning Database for Social Media Raises More Questions than Answers

The newly announced partnership among Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and YouTube is likely modeled after what companies already do with child pornography. But the application of this technology to “terrorist content” raises many questions. Who is going to decide whether something promotes terrorism or not?



Greater than a wall: Building border security technology

The recent U.S. election cycle has intensified the already significant pressure to address border protection and illegal immigration, with similar movements crystallizing in Europe. Some of the impetus is opportunistic nationalism, but concerns about vulnerable borders have been building for years.



National Amusements Withdraws CBS-Viacom Merger Proposal, Stocks Drop 

Viacom and CBS Corp. controlling shareholder National Amusements has withdrawn its proposal for the two entertainment companies to explore a recombination. The news came after a CNBC report early in the day had said that Shari Redstone, daughter of Sumner Redstone, has pulled her support for the merger idea.



The Year That Was (and Was Not) For The Internet Of Things  (Commentary)

As we prepare to say goodbye to another calendar year, much of the IoT-related conversation has revolved around where the Internet of Things is projected to go in the next year.  This time last year, we heard a lot of predictions of where the coming year would bring the IoT as it related to growth, security and adoption.



The 4 new trends impacting digital TV content distribution

Glenn Hower of Parks Associates, says that live digital streaming of sports content; the early authenticated and transactional VOD window; early and mid-subscription VOD window; and digital syndication are all affecting digital TV content distribution.



Journalists Seek the Truth  (Commentary)

If someone read you a page out of the Bible and a page out of Playboy magazine, would you be able to tell the difference? If your answer is yes, then according to Walter Cronkite, you should have no problem telling the difference between objective journalism and an opinion column.