Digital Daily Dozen 12/05/2013

Arguments Fly During FTC Workshop on Native Advertising

The advertising industry descended on Washington, D.C. today, mounting a vigorous defense of so-called "native" advertising at workshop held by the Federal Trade Commission to scrutinize the practice.

Walden Will Seek Abbreviated STELA Renewal

Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.) signaled that the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act reauthorization would be less than the five year renewal it has had since it was first passed in 1999 as the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act (SHVIA).

ACI Study: Retrans Take Will Woo TV Stations From Auction

The American Consumer Institute for Citizen Research has released a study arguing that retransmission consent payments are so lucrative for TV stations that it will discourage major stations from participating in the incentive auctions with "devastating" consequences.

Analyst Says Unbundling Would Destroy TV Value

With the price of pay TV rising, increasing consumer choice through replacing the current bundle of channels with an a la system becomes a more popular idea. But a new report from a Wall Street analyst supports industry arguments that deconstructing the TV bundle would have big economic consequence.

Documents Say Phones Outside U.S. Are Tracked

The National Security Agency is tracking the location and movements of cellphones outside the United States in an effort to find suspicious travel patterns or activities by intelligence targets, according to documents leaked by Edward J. Snowden.

Internet Firms Step Up Efforts to Stop Spying

After surveillance by the National Security Agency, major Internet companies like Microsoft and Yahoo have moved to strengthen protections of users’ data.

More TV Cord-Cutting In 2013

Pay-TV "cord-cutting" and "cord-thinning" climbed a bit in the third quarter — perhaps with higher activity to come. Among pay TV customers — representing some 90% of U.S. TV homes — 17% either trimmed pay TV networks/services or removed them completely in the third quarter of this year.

China forbids banks from Bitcoin trading

The price of a Bitcoin fell below $1,000 Thursday in the wake of a statement from China’s central bank banning financial institutions from trading the virtual currency.

Broadcast TV’s Found Money: How It’ll Get to $7.6 Billion in Revenue by 2019

How important is broadcast retransmission revenue for TV networks and stations? SNL Kagan projected that the relatively new fees broadcasters charge cable and satellite carriers will surge 131 percent to $7.6 billion by 2019.

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web, has thrown his weight behind a new campaign to encourage people across the world to fight back against online censorship and surveillance. In a letter to the Financial Times, Sir Tim wrote that “now is the time for citizens to mobilize.”


Starting in December 2013, subscribers to any of Comcast’s broadband services in Atlanta or Maine will face a 300 GB limit. Customers who go over the cap will automatically be charged $10 and allocated 50 GB of additional data. Customers will be notified multiple times by email before hitting the cap.


We’re afraid of and afraid for teenagers. And nothing brings out this dualism more than discussions of how and when teens should be allowed to participate in public life. Facebook made changes to teens’ content-sharing options. They introduced the opportunity for those ages 13 to 17 to share their updates and images.

Report: Breaking TV Bundle Would Cost Viewers
A Needham & Co. report estimates that letting consumers buy their channels "a la carte" would result in $113 million in lost value and cost 1.4 million jobs. "Based on 2012 viewing levels, allowing consumers to choose their own channel packages would end up killing 124 networks."

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