Digital Daily Dozen 1/20/2014

Sales moderation may reflect maturing of smartphone market
For the first time since 2011, sales of smartphones are expected to edge down a bit this quarter compared with last quarter, reflecting what analysts say is a maturing market. TrendForce predicts sales this quarter will be 5% lower than in the final quarter of 2013. Among makers, Apple and Samsung remain dominant.

DMA Criticizes Obama Comments Comparing Gov’t Snooping With Ad Tracking

In his speech about governmental surveillance, President Barack Obama made some comments that didn’t sit well with the Direct Marketing Association. That group took issue with a portion of Obama’s remarks that it says conflated surveillance by the government with tracking by ad companies.

Microsoft expands open-source efforts in Asia

A Microsoft Open Technologies subsidiary is coming to Shanghai, as the company aims to expand its open-source and open standards efforts in China.

Why Advertisers Will Survive Just Fine Without Net Neutrality (But Should Support It Anyway)

Broadband providers and the FCC are battling over whether all internet traffic should be delivered equally, a principle known as "net neutrality." If net neutrality goes away — a federal appeals court temporarily defanged the FCC’s decree last week — the cost of doing business online could skyrocket.

Viacom Studio Stops Releasing Movies on Film
Paramount Pictures, in a historic move, has become the first big studio to stop releasing its major movies on film in the United States. "The Wolf of Wall Street" is the studio’s first movie to be distributed entirely in digital format. Others studios are expected to quickly follow suit.,0,806855.story#axzz2qxLdMdKf

NBC Fights Digital Video Recorders with ‘Peter Pan’
NBC will air another live performance of a Broadway musical, "Peter Pan," on Dec. 4, hoping to repeat the ratings success of last year’s broadcast of "The Sound of Music Live." The musicals are part of the network’s strategy to draw audiences to live events, a defense against DVRs.

Study: Magazines Need Digital Strategy to Survive
Magazines in the digital era can use targeted audiences and websites to weather the onslaught of online competition, a Canadian researcher said. Print magazines with companion sites are able to attract more advertising dollars. "Targeting is as important as ever."

A Tiny Antenna Threatens The TV Networks

Chet Kanojia’s company, Aereo, has figured out how to grab over-the-air television signals and stream them to subscribers on the Internet. It is an invention that could topple TV titans.

ABC’s Online Block Boosts Pirate Downloads

ABC’s restriction of next-day online episodes to cable customers and Hulu Plus subscribers only may have led cord-cutters to turn to pirated content sites.

Bloggers Get First Amendment Protections in Defamation Lawsuits

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has issued an important ruling in a case that centers upon the rights of bloggers sued for defamatory blog posts. The appellate court focused on whether bloggers can hold the First Amendment up as a defense to the same extent as trained journalists.

Why Sports Is the Ultimate Winning Play for Engagement

Every marketer seems to stand up and cheer for sports. From jewelry retailers to automakers, brands dole out millions of dollars to have access to one of the last DVR-proof offerings on TV, an arena where "mass market," "reach" and 30-second spots still mean something.

China’s Web Junkies Video Documentary Short

A short documentary about a Chinese boot-camp-style treatment center for young men "addicted" to the Internet.

In Developing Countries, Google and Facebook Already Defy Net Neutrality

Net neutrality suffered a setback last week when a federal court struck down the FCC’s latest regulatory effort. Pro-neutrality types have worried that a few giant companies will end up controlling the Internet experience. But in the emerging economies of the world, that’s pretty much how things already work.

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