Digital Daily Dozen 11/25/2013

AOL Pauses to Rethink Live Video Programming
AOL made a substantial commitment to live programming with HuffPost Live, but five months after AOL announced a second live-streaming video network under its own brand, the exec in charge has left the company and the debut of its flagship show has been postponed.

Facebook Doesn’t Have a Teen Problem, COO Says
Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg: "The reaction to that comment has been blown out of proportion. Overall U.S. teen usage of Facebook remains stable. The vast majority of U.S. teens are on Facebook. And the majority of U.S. teens use Facebook almost every day."

BuzzFeed Changes the Way World Consumes News
The realization of BuzzFeed’s ambitions will depend in part upon its latest venture: The news site has launched French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese home pages, offering not only non-English captions for cat gifs, but also — it hopes — a more local sense of humor.–the-website-changing-the-way-the-world-consumes-news-8959628.html

In Bitcoin’s Orbit: Rival Virtual Currencies Vie for Acceptance

Despite mounting interest in Bitcoin from investors, the virtual universe has spawned a few dozen alternatives, with varying reserves, computer mining requirements and privacy.

Drones Offer Journalists a Wider View

Remotely controlled aircraft have provided valuable images of events that are difficult to reach, including the recent typhoon in the Philippines.


There’s a reason Time Warner Cable looks like the prettiest girl at the dance: it has 11.6 million subscribers and is in hot water with its shareholders, largely because it lost some 306,000 of those customers during its month-long beef with CBS. That cost the company some $122 million, but TWC’s revenue is still $2.6 billion.

Investors Flock to Music Streaming Services as Spotify’s Value Tops $4 Billion

Savvy investors are jumping into the stream. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the worldwide digital music industry is expected to grow 7.5 percent annually over the next four years and become a $12.2 billion industry by 2016, overtaking physical music sales.

Journalism Schools Dig Deeper into Videogames

Come January, let the games begin at American University. Along with courses in fundamental journalistic skills like writing, editing, photo and data, students will be able to take a class on the fundamentals of games. “The Design of Game Play” is taught by Lindsay Grace, a well-known designer of games.

Retrans Fees Forecast To Hit $7.6B By 2019

Retransmission fees are set to double in five years — even as multichannel subscriber growth slows. It is estimated that retrans fees paid by cable, satellite and telco TV channel distributors will reach $7.6 billion by 2019, up from $3.3 billion this year.

Marketing in the digital age (Commentary)

Marketing has grown so important for businesses that brands are thinking solely with their marketer hats on, purely to meet customer needs. Since the mid-19th Century, where instances of marketing were first seen, brands have come a long way. But are they doing a good job? Or, are consumers increasingly unsatisfied?

Digital Video Seen Reaching 60% Of U.S. In ’14

Continuing to reshape the advertising ecosystem, analysts are beyond bullish about digital video in 2014 and beyond. “We expect [the growth of digital video] to become a prominent theme in 2014, with meaningful dollars moving by 2015,” Macquarie Securities analysts said in a joint research note released Friday.

The World Wide Web Foundation has published its second annual Web Index survey and, while the US and UK rank third and fourth for their overall web-friendliness, they take quite a dive when it comes to online surveillance. In the report’s “freedom and openness” ranking, the UK has 24th place and the US 27th.

The insidious nature of government spying has a chilling and subtle effect on Web freedoms that could ultimately be more damaging to society than outright censorship, World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee told the audience at the launch of the World Wide Web Foundation’s 2013 Web Index findings.

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