Digital Daily Dozen: 11/19/15

Millennials Want Mobile Video Ads to Be Short and on Every Device (Ad Week)

Chances are the next video you watch will be on your mobile phone or tablet. Record numbers of viewers are turning to these devices to watch a funny clip shared by a friend or even tune in for a live NFL game. Mobile video viewing has seen double-digit growth this year, up 55 percent on smartphones and 48 percent on tablets. 

Univision’s big bet on streaming (Media Life)

Over the past two years, a small number of networks have begun offering their content straight to viewers, bypassing cable and even antennae by streaming live feeds on the internet that people can pay to watch. Now, finally, a major Spanish-language network is among them. 

President, FCC Pushed on Political Ad Disclosure (Broadcasting & Cable)

Campaign reform group Rootstrikers is pushing the President to call on the FCC to “unmask secret political donors.” That is one element of an online petition that also seeks an executive order requiring federal contractors to disclose their political spending. Various groups and some in Congress have been pushing the FCC.   

Comcast Blacks Out YES Network, Nets (Broadcasting & Cable)

Comcast dropped the YES Network at Midnight Tuesday night in a dispute over carriage fees. A carriage agreement expired several months ago. The two sides agreed to a couple of extensions during the baseball season before the latest deadline on Tuesday. 

Fantasy Sports Inquiry Puts Spotlight on a Success for Yahoo (NY Times)

Yahoo, one of the leading sites for sports fans, has found success with its streams of N.F.L. games, but its push into fantasy sports has drawn scrutiny from regulators.   

Why Losing DraftKings, FanDuel Could Add Insult to Injury for the TV Guys (Recode)   

If you work at DraftKings and FanDuel, or if you’ve invested in those companies, you are probably pretty nervous right now. This is also true if you run a TV network that has spent the last few months harvesting ad money from DraftKings and FanDuel. What happens if that money goes away because DraftKings and FanDuel go away?    


Cyrus Vance, Jr., the Manhattan district attorney and an outspoken critic of encryption, called on Congress to adopt legislation mandating that mobile phone makers like Apple and Google bake backdoors into their smartphones. Vance said it is “government’s principal responsibility to keep its residents safe.”   

Levers to Intensify Broadband Competition  (Benton- Commentary) 

If there are sufficient forces threatening Cable’s existing revenue streams of multi-channel video and broadband, it will, as it did when DBS threatened its revenue, attack new markets. Alternatively, if enough players enter the space and the wireless providers seek new revenue streams, Cable will enter the mobile market.   


Although many observers have documented a global decline in democratic rights in recent years, people around the world nonetheless embrace fundamental democratic values, including free expression. Majorities in nearly all 38 nations polled say it is at least somewhat important to live in a country with free speech, press and Internet.   

Sky Unveils Premium Service Sky Q to Allow “Fluid Viewing” Across Screens (Hollywood Reporter)  

Pan-European pay TV giant Sky unveiled Sky Q, a new premium service eco-system that it calls the “most significant” new product since it launched HD packages about 10 years ago. Sky CEO Jeremy Darroch unveiled the service in London. The invite had teased the announcement with the tagline: “It’s time to set your TV free.”     

China Bans Foreign Shows on Set-Top Boxes (Variety) 

China’s film and TV regulators have banned plug-in software that has allowed TV viewers to access foreign TV shows through set-top decoders. The order from the State Administration for Press Publishing Radio Film and Television was made on Nov. 6.  

TV Everywhere App Usage Up 176% In 3Q (Fierce Cable) 

According to Comcast-owned ad tech arm Freewheel, usage of operator-supplied TVE apps increased 176% year over year in the third quarter. This increase comes after Freewheel reported a 200% uptick in the second quarter. 

OTT Service Forecast To See Sharp Growth In Next 5 Years (Media Post) 

Over-the-top video platforms continue to see sharply higher new business and usage — and will see rapid growth in five years. Parks Associates says nearly 60% of U.S. broadband homes have used at least one OTT service in the past month; with more than 25% of homes using two or more in the past 30 days.