Digital Daily Dozen 11/18/2013

ICANN sets up ‘coalition’ to address new Internet governance challenges

ICANN has set up a panel, consisting of people in government, civil society, the private sector, the technical community and international organizations, to address concerns about the governance of the Internet.

A Digital Underworld Cloaked in Anonymity

Silk Road, a vast Internet black market, stands as a tabloid monument to old-fashioned vice and new-fashioned technology.

Facebook, Still Dominant, Strives to Keep Cachet

The swift rise of upstarts like Snapchat suggests a changing reality for how – and where – people like to spend their time.

Copyright Policy, Creativity, and Innovation in the Internet Economy

ITIF comments regarding potential policy changes for copyright oversight and enforcement. Policymakers should preserve statutory damages for large-scale infringement, allow the private sector to freely negotiate online licensing, and support multi-stakeholder dialogue on further cooperation for DMCA takedown requests.

Bitcoin makes a pitch for ‘safe and sane’ regulation

Bitcoin, the virtual currency that fuels transactions on Internet black markets such as Silk Road and Black Market Reloaded, will make its case to Congress on that such currency has potential to open the digital economy to poor societies around the world.

Disney Struggles to Make Free Gaming Apps Pay
Disney had a hit with "Where’s My Water," a smartphone game, but has been less successful with the sequel, using a freemium model of free apps and paid add-ons. "Free-to-play requires a different set of design muscles and all companies are struggling to adapt, Disney included."

Dish Network, Media General End Retrans Dispute
Media General and Dish Network have resolved their retransmission consent dispute. Terms were not disclosed, but the resolution came only a day after Media General told U.S. regulators that Dish should be sanctioned for a laundry list of alleged sins.

Aereo Might Bring End of Broadcast TV Sports
If Aereo wins its court case, the World Series, Super Bowl and probably the regular seasons of pro baseball and football will be moving to ESPN, TNT and other pay outlets. That was the message from Major League Baseball and the National Football League to the Supreme Court.

Facebook is moving ahead with changes to its two most important user policies after removing a controversial line that deals with teens and their privacy on the site. The company had originally proposed the changes in August, but delayed the changes while the FTC reviewed the policies.

House Communications and Technology Subcommittee Chair Greg Walden is keeping a close watch on how the FCC structures its upcoming auction of airwave licenses. Walden warned that Congress could step in if lawmakers don’t like the FCC’s decisions.


A US District Court in New York granted Google’s motion for summary judgment in the 8-year-running Google Book Search case. The court found the use to be transformative, comparing the “snippets” to thumbnail images, which were found to be protected by fair use in a 2003 case involving an image search engine.

A Pause To Reflect On The State Of 4K TV (Commentary)

The year 2013 may very well be remembered someday as the year when the 4K movement began, but will 2014 be the year it becomes reality? One large factor may contribute its long-term success: the current inability to deliver 4K content via traditional broadcast, satellite, and cable/telco pipes.

Time-shifted TV viewing becoming UK norm

Newly released insights from Kantar Media’s futurePROOF study on the ownership and use of digital technologies and media in Britain reveal that, whilst most people currently prefer to watch “must-see TV” at the time of broadcast, the signs are that this will soon change.

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