Digital Daily Dozen: 11/10/16

How Facebook, Twitter Helped Lead Trump to Victory  

Facebook will have to contend with mounting dissatisfaction over its role as the most widely used news filter in history. Forty-four percent of American adults get their media through the site, many consuming news from partisan sources with which they agree. The proliferation of fake news on Facebook has also been a problem.



If you’re blaming Facebook for the presidential election results, you’re an idiot  (Commentary)

Facebook’s algorithm and whatever “echo chamber” or “filter bubble” it may have created did not lead to this result. This was the result of a very large group of people who are quite clearly — and reasonably — pissed off at the status quo.



What Trump means for tech

Barack Obama’s policies on technology were considered pro-innovation, with a view to using technology expertise to improve government systems and services. Aside from a disastrous and expensive roll-out of, those efforts appear to have been well-received. With Mr. Trump, the future leaves many uncertainties.



Colorado Communities Preempt State Muni Broadband Limits

The Institute for Local Self-Reliance says that all 26 of the municipal broadband-related referendums on the ballot in Colorado communities were adopted and by an average of 76% voting yes. Those ballot initiatives, along with the other 70, make almost 100 communities who have voted to restore their ability to provide internet access.



CTA: Holiday 4K TV Sales to Top 4.5 million 

The Consumer Technology Assn expects as many as 4.5 million 4K Ultra High-Def TVs to ship this holiday season, putting total UHD TV sales at 10 million for the year, up 40% from 2015. However, despite the average wholesale UHD TV price dropping 22% since January, the CTA had been expecting 14.5 million units to sell this year.



Some within Yahoo knew of massive breach in 2014

Some within Yahoo knew of a massive data breach that compromised its network when it occurred in 2014, not in late September, when it was first disclosed. An independent committee of Yahoo’s board, which launched an internal probe in August to learn more, discovered that staff knew of the attack two years ago.



How Traditional Sports and Esports Are Dovetailing

September was something like singularity for sport. Through a series of purchases, investments, and coalitions, traditional sport structures and proclivities finally merged irrevocably with esports. First came the announcement of seven North American esports teams coalescing to form a franchise-and-player-focused league.



What Donald Trump as President Could Mean for AT&T-Time Warner

AT&T CFO John Stephens said Trump’s campaign talk about infrastructure investment, innovation and economic development “all fit right in with AT&T’s goals.” And he said: “We have been the leading investor in this country for more than five years running. And our Time Warner transaction is all about innovation.”



Progressive web apps: The mobile future?

Agencies that can’t afford to pay a developer to build and maintain an app may want to consider progressive web apps, which offer advantages over traditional mobile applications and even browser-based apps because of their ability to work across multiple devices, their speed and the ease with which they can be developed.



Donald Trump May Seek to Repeal Network Neutrality as President 

With Donald Trump headed to the Oval Office in 2017, the FCC’s network neutrality regulations could be in danger of getting the ax — a move that might embolden internet service providers to hike prices for consumers and content companies.



comScore, TVision aim to set audience measurement on course 

Audience measurement, like online advertising, has suffered from plenty of growing pains over the past few years, with providers struggling to define consistent metrics and reduce problems such as click fraud. But the recent wins chalked up separately by comScore and TVision show that progress is being made on this front.



Engineers Find Facebook Mobile Data Up To 80% Inaccurate

Rakuten Marketing engineers believe they have uncovered a measurement flaw in Omniture, Google Analytics, Coremetrics and other analytics packages that measure the click-through rates and cost per clicks for Facebook mobile campaigns.




Musical artists are reacting with outrage at the dismissal of the head of the US Copyright Office, calling the move an aggressive attack that is part of a larger effort to erode their creative rights and bolster advocates of free content. “This is a major affront to copyright,” said songwriter and music publisher Dean Kay.





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