Digital Daily Dozen 10/7/2013

Tablet Use Up Among British Children as TV Ownership Dips

Tablet use among children in the UK has more than tripled in the last year, as the proportion of those with a TV in their bedroom has fallen, according to a new Ofcom study.


Why America Gets Copyright Correct and (Some) Libertarians Do Not (Commentary)

Libertarian economists are gaining fame for trumpeting the downside of the American copyright regime – but they are placing “liberty” above innovation and competitiveness.


Swarm of Rivals Seeking Share of Social Media Pie

Ahead of its I.P.O., Twitter must prove it can fend off a younger generation of nimble social services that offer clever new ways for people to connect and share.


Rethinking Technology Education in the Wake of the Aaron Swartz Case (Commentary)

“The young people we work with are so extraordinary, and are so empowered by their time here; do we at MIT have a responsibility to help them grapple with the reality of that power? And in a world where tech brings power as never before, can we remain leaders in education if we don’t meet that responsibility?”


Nielsen Launching Service to Track Twitter Posts About TV Shows

Nielsen is planning to introduce its new service that tracks Twitter posts about TV series on Monday. The company is set to debut Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings, which aims to measure all Twitter activity about television and its influence on how many people watch a particular show, The New York Times reported.

Fox, CBS Tout Video on Demand for Catching Up
Fox, CBS and other networks are firing up efforts to steer audiences who miss live episodes to free on-demand viewing. As the new TV season gets underway, they are putting promo spots for video on demand in prime time, on their web pages and on social media.


NBC Ignores Criticism of Tape-Delayed Olympics
NBC, criticized for its tape-delayed coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, is going to do it again this winter in Russia for a simple reason: It works. NBC, which owns U.S. rights to the Sochi games, will delay TV coverage while streaming on the Internet.

Fox News Effort Aims to Thwart Digital Distraction
Fox News Channel has shaken up its prime-time lineup, putting veteran Shepard Smith at the helm of a new breaking-news unit that will interrupt shows when appropriate. The idea is to give viewers news quickly to keep them from turning to mobile devices when big stories erupt.


EFF chides NSA for stamping watchdog’s doc Top Secret

One would imagine that lunch menus are stamped “Top Secret” at the NSA, but that didn’t stop the Electronic Frontier Foundation from tweeting its indignation at seeing one of its documents getting swept up into the agency’s web of secrecy.


The US intelligence community works to crack anonymous online communication tools because the country’s adversaries use those tools, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said.


In a frank discussion about the government’s approach to vulnerabilities in cyber-infrastructure, former NSA chief Michael Hayden said the agency is not always “ethically or legally compelled” to help fix flaws it knows about. If the agency thinks that no one else will be able to exploit vulnerability, it leaves the problem unfixed.


Broad surveillance, new laws controlling web content, and growing arrests of social-media users drove a worldwide decline in Internet freedom in the past year, according to a new study released by Freedom House. Nonetheless, Freedom on the Net 2013 also found that activists are becoming more effective.


Rdio Bows Free Streaming Stations For Mobile

The digital radio scene is heating up with new competitors, products and business models. The latest development comes from Rdio, which has made its personalized streaming audio stations available for free to all listeners with iOS or Android mobile devices.


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