Digital Daily Dozen 10/6/16

Will Google’s ‘Soft and Cozy’ Approach to VR Headsets Make the Space More Mainstream?

Google introduced a $79 virtual-reality headset called View along with Pixel, a smartphone that can act as a companion device. The VR goggles, which will be available in November, are made of clothinglike fabric instead of hard plastic to give it a more “soft and cozy” feel, Google says.



Here’s why Wikileaks’ Julian Assange wants to take down Google 

Assange’s problem with Google traces back to Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google and current chair of the board, and his ties to the State Department when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. The Wikileaks founder never liked Google, as a longtime an advocate of a decentralized internet.



Amazon has 143 billion reasons to keep adding more perks to Prime 

Amazon unveiled a new perk to its Prime membership program: A rotating collection of books, magazines and short stories that Prime members can read for free. The new freebie isn’t earth-shattering on its own, but it’s just the latest in a series of additions Amazon has made to turn Prime into an entertainment-and-shopping must-have.




A federal contractor suspected of leaking powerful NSA hacking tools has been arrested and charged with stealing classified information from the US government, according to court records and a law enforcement official familiar with the case. Harold Thomas Martin III, 51, worked for Booz Allen Hamilton.




Americans have made it clear that they want more control over their personal information. It’s time for the FCC to act quickly and finally put in place strong rules for ISPs to protect consumers’ privacy. Unfortunately, when the FCC announced its intention to adopt new privacy rules for ISPs, the rebuke from critics was swift.




When multiple federal agencies regulate the same industry, it’s critically important that their rules and standards complement, rather than conflict, with one another. This principle is all the more important when consumer privacy in the ever-expanding world of broadband use is at stake.



Democratic Reps Push FCC to Release Set-Top Proposal 

Representing both coasts’ hotbeds of video production, Reps. Yvette Clarke and Tony Cárdenas called for the FCC to release the text of the evolving set-top box proposal. That proposal has gone from “unlocking the box” to unlocking the app,” which is more along the lines of the app-based proposal offered up by NCTA.



This fall, more new milestones for the DVR 

Every fall, DVR usage increases. We’ve now hit the point where, for a handful of shows, an equal number of people are watching on tape delay as are watching live-plus-same day (L+SD). And two shows even had a higher delayed rating than L+SD.



DirecTV Now Has At Least 67 Channels 

AT&T could be close to finishing its preliminary lineup for DIRECTV Now, the standalone streaming service expected to be launched this fall. The telco has said the service, which will not require a dish or satellite set-top, will launch this quarter with around 100 channels.



Some TV Channels Get Crushed By Cord Cutting 

Cable TV companies could lose nearly $1 billion to people cutting the cord over the next year, but some channels will be hit harder than others. Earlier this year, analysts at Barclays argued that channels you watch when you’re feeling lazy, “inertia channels,” will have a tough time competing moving forward.



NATO Chief Sounds Alarm Over Netflix Deal With iPic 

The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) is sounding the alarm over a recent deal between Netflix and iPic, in which the luxury-theater chain will screen 10 movies simultaneously with their release on the streaming service. The lobbying organization represents the country’s theater chains. 



TV Might Be Everywhere — But Viewers Aren’t 

Throughout the history of television measurement, there was a certain level of cohesion when it came to media access and device ownership.  From the inception of television itself, through the introduction of cable, through the development of VCRs and DVRs, almost everyone eventually got almost everything.



Are Election Systems Vulnerable to Upcoming Hacks? 

One presidential candidate with the initials DT has claimed generally that “the system is rigged” and he has speculated in advance as to whether the election also might be rigged against him. At the first presidential debate, he did say that he would abide by the election result if the candidate with the initials HRC won the election.





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