Digital Daily Dozen: 10/31/16

Facebook’s Ad Targeting Is Under Scrutiny About Whether It Allows Discrimination 

Facebook is known for its sophisticated ad targeting that lets brands get super-targeted in how they buy ads, but a possible flaw in the ad-buying system discovered by ProPublica highlights an option that lets brands segment their ad buys to specific ethnicities. The publication reports advertisers can choose to exclude users of specific races.



Who Will Protect You from Drone Surveillance? 

Before you ever see a package dropped onto your doorstep from the sky, drones are going to force us to wrestle with some thorny questions about privacy. First we’ll see more drones doing things like surveying real estate and inspecting infrastructure such as roofs, high bridges, cell towers, power lines, and wind turbines.



Does Media Literacy Need A Makeover?  (Commentary) 

Those of us working in this field—and many more who simply care about media and its impact—are getting limited traction galvanizing folks around the need for media literacy for all. Often when I talk about media literacy, people don’t even know what I mean and I have to re-explain it over and over again.



UK High Court Orders ISPs To Block 13 Piracy Websites 

The Motion Picture Association, the international leg of the MPAA, has won a legal battle in the UK against 13 piracy websites, which will see the country’s High Court require that five major Internet service providers, including BT and Sky, block them from their services.




A problem that AT&T presents, that would only be exacerbated by the merger, is the potential to invade the privacy of its millions of customers. In 2006, AT&T whistleblower Mark Klein revealed that the company was secretly sharing all of its customers’ metadata with the National Security Agency.




The value of a broadband network goes beyond speed and is maximized when it is built to meet a community’s specific needs, match its values, and bridge its divides. Local government leaders can draw upon the work of those who have gone before, tapping into peer-pioneering cities and global supports from nonprofit organizations.



Google researchers build networks that invent their own encryption   

Encryption software written by human programmers already protects sensitive data as it changes hands across a network, ensuring that only the intended recipient of any message can unlock it. But what if a network could write its own encryption software, inventing a security system to which no humans have a key?



When the IoT becomes an agent of the dark side  (Commentary)   

Most DDoS attacks rely on a process known as amplification to drive large amounts of traffic to the sites attackers want to crash. Mirai, however, uses a large number of IoT devices to directly attack. One of the easiest fixes for safeguarding IoT devices against being used in one of these attacks is better credentials.



Twitter: Please build these products 

Twitter needs a bunch of new users. The company’s future quite literally depends on it. Even though millions of people come to Twitter each and every day to either sign up for an account or reactivate an existing one, Twitter added just four million new users last quarter.



How Al Jazeera Built Its #Hacked Game To Spotlight The Syrian Cyber War 

The messaging app-based game takes the player into the complicated and dangerous world of Syria’s cyber war. Over the course of the game, the player investigates the underground conflict while exchanging with Juliana, the producer in charge of the report.



Senator Seeks Industry-Led Security Standards   

Last week’s massive distributed denial-of-service attack has prompted an urgent focus on the need for industry-led cybersecurity standards for internet of things devices. Sen. Mark Warner, said that he favors an industry-based approach before seeking some form of government regulation of IoT security.



Facebook: Media Company or Technology Platform? 

Facebook used to be a way to share photos of friends or puppies. Now it’s a news publisher, a broadcaster and a marketplace. Chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg says “Facebook’s the platform for all ideas. It’s core to our mission that people can share what they care about on Facebook.”



It’s time to rein in social media services  (Commentary) 

With so many people communicating so regularly through social media, opinion on just about everything is being exchanged and shaped much as it is at any other social venue, but on a much larger scale. Are the opinions well-informed, fair, and balanced? Are they even relevant? It doesn’t matter, free speech is what we expect.





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