Digital Daily Dozen: 10/27/16

Why There’s a Major Disconnect Between the Marketing and Tech Worlds  (Commentary)

The ad-tech ecosystem has given rise to the popular belief that tech is easy. And when I say tech, I am including data, which is almost inseparable in today’s landscape. The ‘tech is easy’ hypothesis comes from the belief that it’s all as simple as the flick of a switch, elimination of full-time employees and improvement of efficiency.



VAB Study: Viewers Hang Around on VOD 

Pay TV’s video on demand is pretty sticky. Viewers watching 30-minute shows on their cable operator’s VOD system watch those shows 50% longer than live viewers and 33% more than other time-shifting viewers, according to a new report by the Video Advertising Bureau.



Comcast Sues Over Nashville Make Ready Ordinance 

Comcast has filed suit against the mayor of Nashville as well as the city and head of public works over what the company says was an illegal attempt to move its pole attachments without Comcast’s consent. Comcast says the city also provided “far less” notice than either federal law or its contract with the city allows.



Concern about FCC’s planned privacy rules vote 

Nearly everyone agrees that consumer privacy on the Net is important, but few agree on how the FCC should tackle the issue. Regardless, the FCC is expected to vote on new rules on how ISPs can use customer data. Consumer privacy over ISPs’ broadband networks came under the purview of the FCC.



The FCC’s Ascension as a Privacy Regulator  (Commentary) 

Part One of a series providing background on new privacy rules for ISPs that will have a lasting impact on U.S. privacy regulation. Law firm Davis Wright Tremaine starts with some background on what led us to this point and what we expect from the new rules.  The Series will continue with an examination of the FCC’s new rules.



Forced Out (Constitutionally) for Facebook Comments 

A divided federal appeals court upheld a lower court’s ruling that a Minnesota community college was justified when it kicked a student out of a nursing program because of Facebook comments administrators deemed to be unprofessional and threatening to fellow students.



AT&T’s Vision of Ultrafast Wireless Technology May Be a Mirage  

5G is unlikely to be deployed in any meaningful capacity in the next decade. The technology, which is supposed to offer connectivity at least 100 times faster than what is now available, is at the center of a bitter fight between carriers and telecom equipment makers about how it should work.




In May 2016, digital inclusion practitioners, advocates, academics, Internet service providers, and policymakers gathered in Kansas City at Net Inclusion: The National Digital Inclusion Summit and a funny thing happened on our way to the library: we discovered we were speaking different languages.




We have finally fulfilled the promise the US made nearly two decades ago to privatize the Internet domain name system. We took the final steps with the expiration of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority functions contract with ICANN by modifying our cooperative agreement with Verisign to remove NTIA’s role in authorizing changes.




The FTC is drawing support in its battle with AT&T from other policymakers, including Sen Richard Blumenthal and the FCC, as well as privacy experts and advocacy groups. Blumenthal, the FCC and others are asking the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider a recent decision dismissing an enforcement action against AT&T.



Apple: ‘Great Opportunity’ In Original Content 

Apple CEO Tim Cook told investors that his company sees a “great opportunity” to become more active in creating and owning original content. Cook reaffirmed his interest in television and expressed Apple’s desire to more actively pursue content creation.



How digital readiness affects job retraining for labor market growth  (Commentary by Stuart Brotman)

Millions of workers may well get left behind because of their deficiencies in e-learning capabilities that are essential to retraining. According to Pew, American adults have uneven levels of “digital readiness” to engage in these learning activities.



Storytelling in Gaming: New Opportunities to Connect With Audiences 

The game “1979 Revolution” both offers an opportunity to learn about a historical event, as well as allows the user to feel empathy for the real-life people involved in the event, according to Andres Perez-Duarte, the lead producer at iNK Stories, which produced the game.





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