Digital Daily Dozen: 10/26/16

FCC’s Spectrum Reverse Auction Re-Starts Nov. 1 

The third stage of the reverse portion of the FCC’s broadcast incentive auction will begin Nov. 1 at a 108 MHz clearing target. The auction was actually designed for multiple stages. As the spectrum target declines, broadcasters are starting to wonder just how big a spectrum crisis there was for the wireless companies bidding.



NBC Olympics’ Bell: ‘Shocked’ to See Digital Just 3% of Viewing 

NBC Olympics executive producer Jim Bell said just 3% of viewing of the Rio Games last summer came via digital platforms. The number “shocked” Bell. “It simultaneously confused and pleased me,” he said. “Like, ‘We’re still here. Linear!'” Heading into Rio, Bell said he had expected the digital share to be more like 25%.



Pediatricians Lower Recommended Age for Media 

The American Academy of Pediatrics has announced new recommendations for media use by children, dropping the age for screen media—other than video chat—from two years to 18 months. The AAP is still cautioning that parents who choose to show videos to kids under two stick with programming suitable to their age.



Google Fiber halts rollout, top exec leaves

Google Fiber is halting its rollout in 10 cities and laying off staff as its chief executive Craig Barratt steps down, dealing a major setback to the Internet giant’s ambitions of blanketing the nation in super-speedy Internet. Barratt, CEO of Alphabet’s Access division who runs Google Fiber, said that he would stay on as an adviser.



Facebook: Video will be 70% of mobile traffic by 2021 

Just how big does Facebook think video will be? By 2021, video will account for more than 70% of all mobile data traffic, Facebook’s chief product officer Chris Cox said. Currently video accounts for about 50%, according to the Ericsson Mobility Report. “That’s insane,” said Cox, citing everything from video status updates to live pictures.



Payments startup Stripe says it’s still too hard to sell stuff online

It’s still too hard to sell stuff online. That’s according to someone who would know: John Collison, co-founder of the $5 billion payments startup Stripe. “The online retailer has a 15 percent conversion rate on mobile,” he said at the Code Commerce event in Las Vegas Tuesday night, adding, “It’s totally standard and totally abysmal.”



AT&T’s web TV plan will have more than 100 channels, but CBS isn’t on board yet 

Add AT&T to the list of companies that want to sell you TV over the internet: AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson says his online-only DirecTV Now package will cost $35 a month and offer more than 100 channels when it launches next month. DirecTV Now will join Dish’s Sling and Sony’s Vue, which have been on the market for a while.



Pretty much no one thinks that social media improves our political discussions 

A lot of people talk about politics on social media. Not a lot of people think that talking about politics on social media leads to a healthy discussion. Roughly 50 percent of social media users say that political discussions on sites like Facebook and Twitter are less respectful, more angry and less likely to lead to a resolution.



Surprise: The hottest SVOD network is not Netflix

Netflix has long been the dominant streaming video on demand service. And that’s not going to change anytime soon. But in terms of subscriber growth, Netflix can’t compare to its main rival, Amazon. With a change in subscription availability, Amazon will see the biggest gains over the next few years.




The FCC is expected to pass privacy rules. Once approved, the rules would require explicit consent from customers before companies can use many forms of data for marketing purposes. The agency is permitted to regulate ISPs as it does phone companies as a result of a 2015 net neutrality rule that reclassified ISPs as common carriers.




Secret law enforcement requests to conduct electronic surveillance in domestic criminal cases have surged in federal courts for Northern Virginia and the District, but only one in a thousand of the applications ever becomes public, newly released data show.



Fantasy sports websites reach $12M settlement with NY state 

Daily fantasy sports websites DraftKings and FanDuel are agreeing to pay $6 million each to settle allegations from New York’s attorney general over false advertising. “Today’s settlements make it clear that no company has a right to deceive New Yorkers for its own profit,” New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said.



How Sports Networks Are Using Livestreaming to Change the Playing Field 

Sports media experts gathered at The LiveFronts in New York City to discuss how livestreaming fits into the already crowded field of sports broadcasting. The key, according to Jeff Gerttula, SVP and general manager, CBS Sports Digital and Interactive, is to find ways for livestreaming to complement existing sports coverage.





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