Digital Daily Dozen 10/16/2013

E&C Dems Say Shutdown Threatens To Delay First Spectrum Auction

As a Senate compromise bill to open the government and raise the debt limit ran into a House version that neither the Senate nor the President will sign, the Democratic members of the House Energy & Commerce Committee warned speaker John Boehner that the FCC’s January spectrum auction may have to be postponed.


Crowds Snapping Pictures of Store Shelves Offer New Window into Global Economy

A startup pays people around the world to log prices in their local stores each day, offering a real-time way to track how economies are doing.


Latest NSA revelation is black eye for Yahoo

The latest revelation that the NSA collected millions of contact lists from the leading online messaging services is a particular black eye for Yahoo, security and privacy experts said Tuesday.


Judge Rejects FilmOn X’s Request To Modify Ban

A federal judge in Washington late Tuesday rejected FilmOn X’s request to modify an earlier order that banned the company from operating in 47 states. Collyer also directed FilmOn X to explain why it should not be held in contempt for allegedly violating the injunction.


Another leak from Edward Snowden. Another flood of denials from the tech titans required to assist the NSA. And another round of statements, from Silicon Valley and beyond, that sidestep the real issue at hand. Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Yahoo are veritable warehouses for some of the data the NSA desires.


Market research company Lab42 released results of a study in which 54% of respondents said they desire more privacy at the risk of government security. “With the recent NSA leaks making headlines, consumer awareness toward their digital privacy is at an all-time high,” said Jonathan Pirc, Founder of Lab42.


Roughly 50 percent of people making less than $25,000 a year doesn’t have access to the Internet, according to a May 2013 US Census Bureau report on computer and Internet trends. The Tech Lab aims to change that — at least in San Francisco — and others are doing the same in other parts of the country.


Startup wants to make public Wi-Fi a more social experience

There’s no doubt about it – public Wi-Fi can sometimes be a hassle. The airport wants you to pay a fee. Starbucks makes you buy an expensive mochaccino. What’s a frustrated laptop user to do?


Comcast, NBCUniversal at Odds In Fight with Aereo
Are Comcast’s cable business and its NBCUniversal entertainment unit on the same page when it comes to the Aereo legal battle? That’s a question worth asking in the wake of last week’s petition by major broadcasters seeking a Supreme Court review of the case.


Comcast Invests In Personalized Video Ad Company
SundaySky, a company promising to deliver video advertising that is customized and updated for each viewer, has raised $20 million in new funding. The round was led by Comcast Ventures, with participation from new investors including Liberty Global Ventures.


Disney’s Marvel Eyes Netflix, Amazon for Projects
Marvel is said to be quietly putting together a package of four drama series and a miniseries — a total of some 60 episodes — that would be taken out to the video-on-demand and cable space, with Netflix, Amazon and WGN America rumored as potential candidates.


Mobile video ads boast steep climb in click-thru rates
Click-thru rates on mobile video advertisements have more than tripled since the fourth quarter of last year to 13.64% in the third quarter of this year. The report also found that consumers who view video advertisements on a mobile device are nearly three times as likely to click on the ad as when viewing it on a desktop.


NSA collects millions of e-mail address books globally

The National Security Agency is harvesting hundreds of millions of contact lists from personal e-mail and instant messaging accounts around the world, many of them belonging to Americans, according to senior intelligence officials and top-secret documents provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.


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