Digital Daily Dozen 10/13/16

White House report says AI will take jobs, but also help solve global problems 

President Obama thinks artificial intelligence could solve many of the world’s biggest problems — like disease, climate change, even economic inequality. To that end, his administration is recommending more investment in the technology across all levels of government, including funding STEM education to have a prepared workforce.



FCC: Cable Op Average Retrans Payments Up $5 Million 

The FCC has released its latest annual basic cable rate report—the figures are for 2014—and found that average retrans payments from cable operators to broadcasters had increased by almost $5 million, from $7,790,721 in 2013 to $12,715,686 in 2014, a 43% increase.



Obama Administration Gets Earful on Broadband Research 

The Obama Administration is getting plenty of input on what information it should be collecting to help guide its mission of promoting universal broadband deployment, adoption and competition. Comments were due this week on the NTIA and National Science Foundation joint National Broadband Research Agenda.



Democratic Senators Warn of BDS Proposal Impact 

A group of Democratic senators have told the FCC that chair Tom Wheeler’s business data services (BDS) proposal could have an “outsized” negative impact on rural telecoms, including small towns and small businesses in their states.




Comcast has blocked versions of an advertisement backing a hike in Oregon’s corporate tax, which the cable giant opposes, from appearing on its video-on-demand service. The versions that raised red flags specifically mention Comcast as one of the out-of-state corporations that would have to pay higher taxes as a result of Measure 97.




5G wireless technology could be an important technology for mid-sized and rural markets, as news about US Cellular 5G testing illustrates. The company said it had collaborated with Nokia to test 5G and demonstrate 5G in a fixed wireless configuration.