Digital Daily Dozen 10/10/16

Media Audits Are Part of Life For European Marketers 

After loyally trusting their media agencies for decades, U.S. marketers are far behind their more cynical European counterparts when it comes to media auditing. The practice took off in the early 1990s in the U.K. and Europe, where it has long been recognized that agencies have a different profit agenda than their clients.



Netizen Report: Bloggers Arrested, Open Source Developers Endure Long Prison Sentences 

It has been one year since Syrian-Palestinian open technology leader Bassel Khartabil disappeared from his prison cell in Syria. Bassel served as the public affiliate for Creative Commons Syria and contributed to Mozilla Firefox, Wikipedia, and other open communities online.



Donald Trump, ‘Access Hollywood’ and ‘The Apprentice’: The Legal Issues Behind the Tapes 

NBC News got scooped Friday by the Washington Post on perhaps the biggest political story of the year in part because of the exigencies of corporate risk management; specifically, legal concerns over disseminating audio of Donald Trump talking lewdly and, he likely thought, privately on a hot mic.




AT&T asked the FCC to address what it called “nefarious” inter-carrier compensation practices including unusually high tandem switching and transport access charges and non-competitive 800-number database dips. AT&T noted that such practices are counter-productive to FCC efforts to phase out the traditional approach toward inter-carrier compensation.



Mobile-first technology is bringing our seniors the promise of the digital world  (Commentary) 

It’s no secret that smartphones have enabled unprecedented access to the internet and revolutionized how people communicate, consume, and get things done. The mobile first demographic – those Americans who lack “home broadband” and connect instead via mobile devices – increased more than 60 percent from 2013 to 2015.



Looking for a Choice of Voices in A.I. Technology 

Conversational computing is holding a mirror to many of society’s biggest preconceptions around race and gender. Listening and talking are the new input and output devices of computers. But they have social and emotional dimensions never seen with keyboards and screens.



Google Translate is getting really, really accurate 

Any students using Google Translate to cheat on their Spanish homework can rejoice. The foreign-language translation tool is about to get a whole lot more accurate. Google launched an updated translation tool that utilizes sophisticated artificial intelligence to produce startlingly accurate language translations.



The FBI Wants To Crack Another Dead Terrorist’s Locked iPhone 

WHEN THE FBI asked a court to force Apple to help crack the encrypted iPhone 5c of San Bernardino shooter Rizwan Farook in February, Bureau director James Comey assured the public that his agency’s intrusive demand was about one terrorist’s phone, not repeated access to iPhone owners’ secrets.



Broadcast Tops Cable In Time-Shifted Viewing 

Broadcast network programming continues to see more time-shifted viewing — in primetime and total day metrics — than cable network programming. Cable TV networks, by contrast, grabbed more live viewing of its programming than broadcast.



How The AP Is Experimenting With Live Video 

At the beginning of 2016, The Associated Press said the number of live videos it produced had increased by 25% in 2015 compared to the previous year, Livestreaming can give audiences a front row seat for watching stories develop over a longer period of time, not just when news breaks.



67% Of Companies Look To IoT For Deeper Customer Relationships

Business executives involved in the Internet of Things say they are interested in improving customer relationships and some of them already are seeing results. More than three quarters (85%) of business executives said that IoT products are a key focus of their organization, according to a new survey.



US officially blames Russian government for election-related hacking 

U.S. officials are publicly blaming the Russian government for several high-profile hacks against political groups that they claim were meant to interfere with the upcoming election. U.S. intelligence agencies are confident Russia was responsible, the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said.



Nearly a dozen new states are about to get Comcast data caps

For the most part, home-Internet providers have avoided imposing data caps on their customers, leaving it to wireless carriers to restrict how much Internet you can use on devices like smartphones. But now that’s about to change in a major way.





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