Digital Daily Dozen 04/01/2014

YouTube Dominates Mobile Entertainment Apps

YouTube commands 50 percent of entertainment consumed through smartphone and tablet applications, according to a new study from Flurry, a firm that analyzes how consumers interact with mobile applications.

Meet the Video Games Trying to Turn Game Development on Its Head

Making a video game is hard. Making a good one is harder. Will asking for help from a disorganized mob of strangers make it any easier?

More Wi-Fi is better: FCC expands use of 5GHz spectrum

In a unanimous vote, the Federal Communications Commission has agreed to expand the amount of the 5GHz band that Wi-Fi takes up by 100MHz. In short, our wireless connections are about to get a lot better.


The Federal Communications Commission adopted a Report and Order that strengthens its rules governing retransmission consent negotiations. This Order will help curtail a practice that has put upward pressure on cable and Direct Broadcast Satellite programming costs as well as prices to consumers.


Security industry pioneer RSA adopted not just one but two encryption tools developed by the US National Security Agency, greatly increasing the spy agency’s ability to eavesdrop on some Internet communications, according to a team of academic researchers.


The sixth ITU World Telecommunication Development Conference opened in Dubai, with a call to achieve universal broadband connectivity. Under the theme ‘Broadband for Sustainable Development’, the conference will focus on development priorities in telecommunications and information and communication technologies.

Gawker Targets Quentin Tarantino’s Motive for ‘Hateful Eight’ Lawsuit

In new court papers, the Nick Denton-owned news site says that Tarantino’s contributory copyright infringement lawsuit is "animated by his displeasure with Gawker’s past and present reporting about him, rather than the possibility that some unknown persons may have accessed his script online."

Minyanville: Facebook and Google can’t buy their way to innovation

If being revolutionary means taking moon shots, building side projects, and managing supersecret laboratories that everyone knows about, then sign these two tech giants up.

Hill Praises FCC Spectrum Moves

The FCC drew applause from some high profile legislators for its two unanimous decisions to free up more spectrum for mobile wireless broadband, but a split decision among wireless carriers.

MVPDs of All Stripes Praise FCC Retrans Negotiation Limit

The FCC’s unanimous vote to ban coordinated retrans negotiations among the top four TV stations in a market was treated with cheers by their satellite, cable and telecom video competitors who must negotiate those agreements.

CNN President Boasts of Record Audiences in Digital

CNN’s Jeff Zucker has sent a memo to staff celebrating what he said was a record-setting month for the news network’s digital platforms, including record-high page views and mobile traffic. "We will likely have more unique users across our global sites than any month in our history."

Skype boasts inroads with millennials as others lose ground

Skype is boasting gains among millennials as Facebook and others see dips in usage by that demographic, with the video chat service saying it reaches about a quarter of 18-to-24-year-olds worldwide. Skype’s millennial audience grew 28% last year, with the average user spending 150 minutes a month on the service.

Incentive Auction Plan B: Government-Subsidized Cable?

The Commission is contemplating reallocation of at least some of the $1.75 billion TV Broadcaster Relocation Fund to a program that would provide universal cable TV service to everybody in the U.S.

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