Digital Daily Dozen 03/28/2014

Amazon: No Plans To Offer Free Video Service

Spokeswoman Sally Fouts said Thursday that Amazon runs ads ahead of movie and game trailers, but the company has no plans to offer a free streaming media service. That was in response to a Wall Street Journal report that Amazon is considering an ad-supported streaming TV and music video service.

FCC’s Wheeler: We Can’t Give Broadcasters Blanket Info on Spectrum Value

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler says that the FCC will start meeting with broadcasters in individual markets to give them a sense of what their spectrum will be worth at auction, but that it cannot provide that info on a blanket basis.

Comcast’s Cohen Calls Hastings Peering Arguments ‘Hogwash’

Comcast executive VP David Cohen says that Netflix CEO Reed Hasting’s criticisms of the companies’ recent peering deal are "essentially hogwash."

Sen. Franken Reintroduces Stalking App Bill

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) has reintroduced a location privacy bill, The Location Privacy Protection Act of 2014, that would outlaw so-called GPS "stalking apps" and give smart phone users control over very sensitive location information.

Free Ad-Supported Games Making A Comeback

Ad supported free games are finally catching on. Some 86% of gamers prefer free games with ads compared with paid games without ads, per a white paper from WildTangent Media, Electronics Arts, and analyst firm IHS.

Smartphones, the Disappointing Miracle

A new report shows how much work it is to download apps, interact with the mobile Internet billions of times a day, and all feel frustration at slow loads and app crashes.

The Fourth Screen: How Smartwatches Could Be Used for Ads

Will your wrist be the next billboard? With new entries from Sony, Samsung and Motorola hitting the market, plus rumored interest from Apple, smartwatches appear to be the next emerging category in computing. Some 15% of consumers are currently using wearable technology, a category that includes fitness bands.

How the NSA would get phone data under Obama administration’s new plan

One of the key points in the “fact sheet” that the White House published about its plan to end the NSA’s bulk collection of phone record data is that while the NSA will no longer have possession of phone data, it will still have access to it.


Americans don’t believe they’re getting good value from their in-home telecom services, Internet and TV services in particular, despite the fact they spend an average $1,848 a year on them, according to a market report from Consumer Reports. Even bundled service subscribers don’t see their packages as any great value.


In Los Angeles, PBS affiliate KLCS and mutlilingual station KJLA have begun transmitting their programming on each other’s airwaves, essentially packing multiple TV channels into the same broadcast airwaves. The two TV stations and CTIA will soon make their initial report.

Google: Media, Journos Under Attack from Hackers

Some 21 of the world’s top-25 news organizations have been the target of likely state-sponsored hacking attacks, according to research by Google engineers. Journalists were "massively over-represented" among such targets. Citizen journalists and bloggers were also targeted.

Lasers, satellites and drones: How Facebook plans to deliver Internet to the developing world

Facebook is working with NASA scientists and aerospace engineers to develop lasers that can beam Internet down to underserved populations, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said Thursday. Facebook has already given 3 million people in Paraguay and the Philippines access to the Internet through their mobile devices.

Twitter Plays Hardball With Facebook Over TV — And TV Networks Gripe

TV networks love to work posts from Twitter, Facebook and other social networks into their programming. Now Twitter is trying to make it harder for its rivals to get airtime.

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