Digital Daily Dozen 03/05/2014

Copyright Experts Side With Nets Over Aereo

Two of the nation’s preeminent legal experts on copyright law are siding with broadcasters in their legal fight against Aereo. UCLA School of Law professor David Nimmer and Peter Menell, a professor at the UC Berkeley School of Law, warned that if Aereo were found to be legal it could "decimate multiple industries.",0,3391538.story#axzz2v5wbFHLC

Rivals React To Dish-Disney Streaming Pact

Less than 24 hours after Charlie Ergen’s Dish Network signed a groundbreaking deal with Disney that gave the satellite TV service the building blocks of an Internet TV operation, a second company waded into the sector. Verizon is looking to sign deals with content partners to bring mobile Internet TV service to its FiOS customers.

NFL Claims Blackout Policy Ensures More Games are Televised

The football league tells the FCC that eliminating blackouts also will make the game less TV-friendly and that the regulatory agency doesn’t actually have authority to change the rules.


US ranchers, farmers and residents across rural America depend on reliable and continual access to broadcast television news and programs. Access is critical to maintain connection with not only the greater international and national scope of news and information, but also local and regional news outlets.

Frustrated Cities Take High-Speed Internet Into Their Own Hands

Right now, only a handful of American cities have super-fast fiber-optic networks. Many others are looking on with "visceral jealousy," says Susan Crawford, a visiting professor at Harvard Law School. "And it’s disrupting what has otherwise been a very smooth, unbroken, complacent approach to communications in America."

Will MOOCs lead to the democratization of education? (Commentary)

The good news is that we can actually look at past educational innovations (such as textbooks) to see these things at play. Were educational outcomes more equal or more unequal as a result of these past technologies? Actually, we might be able to see these effects in the earnings of those providing the technologies.

FCC Proposal Intrudes on Unlicensed Spectrum

With so much of our personal and business communication now dependent on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other 2.4 GHz unlicensed technologies, there could be significant risks in going forward. We commend the FCC for proposing a novel set of solutions.

Despite Digital Hype, Advertisers Lag Customers

It took 50 years for television to consume the nearly 4 1/2 hours each day of the average person’s time since its commercial inception around 1950. It has taken digital media, less than 20 years to reach that level and surpass TV in personal consumption.

Mobile Video Audience Tops 100 Million In Q4, More Time On Mobile Web

Consumption of mobile video in the U.S. might best be described as wide but shallow. The number of people watching video on smartphones (ages 2 and over) in the fourth quarter of 2013 reached 101 million, up from 80.7 million in the year-earlier period. Average time spent per user in mobile video increased 23%.

Roku launches $49 streaming stick

Roku on Tuesday poked a stick straight at Google’s Chromecast with an updated version of its own Roku Streaming Stick — a thumb-drive sized media streamer that is now $49.99 and can be used on any TV with an HDMI input.

Comcast Indefinitely Extends Low-Cost Broadband for Poor Families

Comcast, which is seeking approval of its proposed takeover of Time Warner Cable, said it would continue a program that gives low-cost broadband service and computers to poor families.

Japan to regulate and tax Bitcoin trades

The Japanese government will set rules for trading bitcoin, including imposing taxes on transactions with the virtual currency, that will become the basis for guidelines applicable to similar currencies in future, the Nikkei reported.

Yahoo: We’re ‘Surprised’ at Tumblr’s Ad Potential
Yahoo CFO Ken Goldman said he was "pleasantly surprised" at how often Tumblr has come up in conversations about advertising. "The re-blogging capability of Tumblr is phenomenal. It’s very successful." Apple is now using the Tumblr platform to advertise the iPhone 5c.

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