Digital Daily Dozen 02/25/2014

Broadcasters To Supremes: Aereo Is Stealing On Massive Scale

The broadcast networks and PBS have told the Supreme Court that Aereo is engaging in theft on a massive scale and must be stopped. The broadcasters say that a ruling against Aereo would not threaten services like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon, which pay for their copyrighted content, nor would it threaten cloud storage.

ACA: DOJ Filing Should Signal Attribution Determination For Joint Retrans

The American Cable Association has told the FCC that it should declare coordinated retransmission consent agreements as per se attributable under ownership rules. That means a station could not coordinate retrans negotiations for another station unless it could also own that station under FCC ownership rules.

Butler Reiterates: Most Noncoms Not Giving Up Spectrum

Association of Public Television Stations President Patrick Butler reiterated Monday that the channel sharing pilot program one of his members–KLCS Los Angeles–is participating in is not meant to prove that "all" broadcasters can get by with half their spectrum, but that technology can drive innovation.

Syria War Stirs New U.S. Debate on Cyberattacks

Considerations that led President Obama to hesitate about using cyberweapons against Syria reflect larger concerns about a new and untested tactic.

Netflix’s Comcast Deal: Internet Fast Becoming Playground for Digital Superpowers

By paying Comcast to improve its internet streaming service in a new deal, Netflix is setting the stage for similar agreements with the likes of AT&T and Verizon, as broadband access becomes the province of a group of digital superpowers.


Now that Netflix has relented to Comcast, the largest US broadband service, similar deals are more likely to be reached with other Internet providers such as Verizon, AT&T and Charter.

Netflix, Comcast put final nail in Net Neutrality’s coffin

The network-sharing agreement between Comcast and Netflix has likely buried the idea that providers of high-speed Internet connections into U.S. homes have to take into account anything but market forces when setting prices for their service. In other words, Net Neutrality is dead.

Google, which has market capitalization of about $405 billion (plus $60 billion in cash), just announced it’s expanding its fiber network rollout, which Netflix consistently clocks as the speediest in the sector. Google Fiber claims to be 100 times faster than the typical household broadband connection.


Perhaps the most important and consistent observation about the role social media plays in global protest movements is that it isn’t static; it evolves just as the movements and the media themselves do, analysts said.

Mark Zuckerberg Says WhatsApp Worth $19 Billion, Part of Vision of Connected World

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared his vision of connecting the whole world via the Internet Monday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, holding forth on Facebook’s $16 billion purchase of WhatsApp, announced last week, and his newest passion project,

Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox goes offline amid turmoil

Questions swirled Tuesday about the future of embattled Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox after reports that its chief executive had resigned from the board of a key advocacy group and its website appeared to have been disabled.

Time Spent On Smartphones Easily Tops Desktop

People in the U.S., U.K and Italy have taken the mobile-first zeitgeist to heart. Average time spent per person in those countries was far higher on smartphones than desktop computers in December 2013. Americans spent 34 hours using apps and the mobile Web on smartphones compared to 26 hours, 58 minutes online on PCs.

EU delays vote on roaming, open internet

The European Parliament’s industry committee has postponed a vote on putting an end to roaming charges across the EU by 2015 and ensuring that telcos don’t get to charge companies like Google to pay for faster interwebs.

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