Digital Daily Dozen 02/21/2014

Wheeler: We Picked Up Net Neutrality ‘Can’ And Ran With It

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler said Wednesday that he did not think his plan to restore the FCC network neutrality rules was putting off the issue, and put in a plug for municipal broadband as a competitor. That came in a press conference Feb. 20 following the FCC’s monthly meeting.

ABC, Dish Spar in Appeals Court Over Ad-Skipper
ABC has no more right to make consumers watch commercials than the New York Times has to make readers view pullout ads, according to Dish Network. ABC argues that Dish’s Hopper "undermines nearly every source of revenue ABC can derive from its TV programming."

For Facebook, It’s Users First and Profits Later

The social networking giant’s agreement to buy the messaging start-up WhatsApp for up to $19 billion is risky, but follows a trend in valuing the number of users over revenue.

Is Netflix Slowing Down? Good Luck Finding Out Why

Even when they’ve made sure to sign up for more-than-adequate plans with their ISPs, many customers of popular cloud services such as Netflix encounter glitches such as frozen screens on streamed movies. In its latest update to its ISP speed reports, Netflix notes a trend of slower speeds from some providers. But why?

Bitcoin ATMs come to USA

Bitcoin has come to Texas. On Thursday, organizers unveiled one of the USA’s first Bitcoin ATMs in the back room of a downtown Austin bar. Other Bitcoin machines have sprouted in Boston and Albuquerque, but those offer only Bitcoins for cash — not cash for Bitcoins. The Austin ATM would be the first of its kind in the USA.

Sports Illustrated to Launch 120 Sports, Online Sports Network

Sports Illustrated is making a big bet on video with the planned launch of a streaming sports network to complement its existing brand. Called 120 Sports, the new standalone business brings together partners SI parent Time Inc. along with the MLB, NHL, NBA, Nascar and leading college conferences.

Demos Split On TV Viewing: Millennials Favor Streaming Sites, VOD

Millennials’ video consumption offers some complicated news for traditional TV networks and program providers. Some 72% of those born between the early 1980s and 2000s report using free streaming sites, such as Hulu, TV network streaming Web sites or YouTube. The upside: they still favor traditional TV genres.

Netflix Blackout Fears On The Rise

Get ready for a cable-style blackout of video-streaming darling Netflix. Consumer advocates are warning of impending blackouts involving online content providers, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, as Internet service providers begin demanding fees for improved traffic.

FIVE EPIC FAILS [Commentary]

All the announcement by the FCC on next steps to protect the Open Internet does is kick the can down the road — the wrong road. The FCC has the power to completely restore its authority to protect Internet users and pass strong Net Neutrality rules. But this announcement is a timid and ultimately ineffective response.

The latest data, from June 30, 2013, shows the country continues to make steady progress in expanding access to broadband. Most Americans have access to wired broadband (93 percent), while 98 percent have access to wireless broadband at the most basic broadband speed, defined at 3 Megabits per second (Mbps) downstream.

The Pentagon released its strategy for securing the electromagnetic spectrum, which includes a heavy warning about the dangers of not getting it right. In the case of the US military, that includes the airwaves it needs to download the nearly continuous stream of surveillance video from drones.

EU project to build lie detector for social media

In our digital age, rumors – both true and false – spread fast, often with far-reaching consequences. An international group of researchers, led by the University of Sheffield, is aiming to build a system that will automatically verify online rumors as they spread around the globe.

Obama advisers want to “crowdsource” patents, call again for new law

In June, President Barack Obama called for action against patent trolls. The White House held a short conference updating what has happened in the arena of patent policy since then and announced new initiatives going forward—including one to "crowdsource" the review of patents.

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