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Digital Daily Dozen 7/18/2014

July 18, 2014 admin 0

Fact versus Theory in the Net Neutrality Debate (Commentary) A common misunderstanding is that the FCC’s proposal—or the desire of broadband providers—is to turn the […]

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Digital Daily Dozen 7/17/2014

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Internet access tax vote hurts sales tax bid The House quietly passed legislation on Tuesday that would permanently ban the government from taxing broadband Internet […]

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What’s Hot 7/16/2014

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The Net Neutrality Debate: The Issues, the Arguments and Predictions of the Outcome (Digital Policy Institute, 7/15/2014)  Yesterday, the Digital Policy Institute hosted a webinar featuring panelists – […]

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‘What’s Hot’ List: 7/9/2014

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 Tech CEOs push billions for Wi-Fi in schools (The Hill’s Technology Policy Blog, 7/8/14) Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Dropbox’s Drew Houston, Netflix’s Reed Hastings and HP’s Meg Whitman […]

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From the Director

July 1, 2014 admin 0

By: Robert E. Yadon, Ph.D.   Advertising hype aside, a recent blog by T-Mobile claiming to have the densest network in the nation crosses the […]