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What’s Hot 6/25/2014

June 25, 2014 admin 0

It Was 80 Years Ago… (Internet Innovation Alliance, 6/24/2014) This Internet Innovation Alliance blog post by Jamal Simmons is in light of the 80th anniversary of the Communications Act […]

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What’s Hot 6/18/2014

June 18, 2014 admin 0

CEA: Unlicensed Spectrum Provides $62B Boost To Economy Annually (Broadcasting & Cable Blog, 6/16/14) The Consumer Electronics Association said Monday that unlicensed spectrum generates $62 billion annually to the […]

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Digital Daily Dozen 06/11/2014

June 11, 2014 admin 0

Microsoft fights U.S. search warrant for customer e-mails held in overseas server Microsoft, one of the world’s largest e-mail providers, is resisting a government search […]

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‘What’s Hot’ List: 6/4/2014

June 4, 2014 admin 0

Regulating Internet Access as a Public Utility: A Boomerang on Tech if it Happens (Brookings, 4/2/2014) Litan writes, “There is a very slippery slope from having designated […]