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"Net Neutrality: FCC and Congressional Options and Alternatives for an Open Internet"


  • Randolph May – President, Free State Foundation
  • James E. Prieger, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Public Policy, Pepperdine University
  • Richard Bennett, Visiting Fellow, AEI Center for Internet, Communications, and Technology Policy
  • Moderator: Barry Umansky, J.D. – Senior Fellow and Senior Policy Counsel at the Digital Policy Institute and Professor of Telecommunications at Ball State University
  • The comments are in, but the debate continues

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    ‘What’s Hot’ List, 12/5/14 Outdated Regulations Will Make Consumers Pay More for Broadband (Hal Singer and Robert Litan, Progressive Policy Institute, 12/1/2014) Self-styled consumer advocates are pressuring federal regulators to “reclassify” access to the Internet as a

    ‘What’s Hot’ List: 11/21/2014

    Net Neutrality is far more complicated than President Obama wants you to believe (Commentary)  (Inside Sources, 11/18/14) Last week President Obama entered the Net Neutrality fray. He did so forcefully and inartfully, interjecting his views late in

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    ‘What’s Hot’ List (11/14/14) President Obama Backs Stronger Broadband Regulation in Big Win for Activists (Recode, 11/10/14) President Obama came out in favor of the FCC re-regulating broadband lines under rules written for phone networks when the

    ‘What’s Hot’ List: November 7, 2014

    Net neutrality was the biggest tech issue of the year. But nobody campaigned on it (The Washington Post, The Switch Blog, 11/4/2014) A few months ago, I argued that the expanding role of technology in people’s daily lives has

    DPI Webinar: “Net Neutrality: FCC and Congressional Options and Alternatives for an Open Internet”

    DPI Webinar: “Net Neutrality: FCC and Congressional Options and Alternatives for an Open Internet” November 5, 2014 On October 16th, the Digital Policy Institute at Ball State University hosted a webinar entitled, “Net Neutrality: FCC and Congressional

    ‘What’s Hot’ List: 10/31/2014

    F.C.C. Delays Auction of TV Airwaves for Mobile (New York Times, 10/24/2014) The Federal Communications Commission said on Friday that it would postpone until early 2016 a planned auction of airwaves now used by broadcast television stations for use

    ‘What’s Hot’ List: 10/24/2014

    ‘What’s Hot’ List for the week of October 24, 2014: Apple Pay launches with few hiccups (USA Today, 10/20/2014) Apple Pay, the new mobile payment system from Apple, went live Monday with few of the hiccups that

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    Here’s the ‘What’s Hot’ list for the week of October 17th.   HBO To Offer Streaming Video Service In 2015 (Mediapost, 10/15/14) Finally moving into Netflix territory, HBO says it will offer a stand-alone streaming video service next

    Digital Daily Dozen: 10/13/14

    Warner Bros. Korea to Debut Some Films Via Streaming Services   Amid the surge of the South Korean online market for movies in recent years, Warner Brothers Korea will make films without theatrical release plans in the

    ‘What’s Hot’ List: 10/10/2014

    Here’s this week’s ‘What’s Hot’ List! Wheeler Wields Big Stick On Interconnection (Broadcasting & Cable Blog, 10/6/2014) FCC chairman Tom Weeler appeared at home among competitive telecom carriers given his “competition, competition, competition” mantra. In fact, he led