Digital Policy Institute Webinar 11/16/16:

Disruption and Competition in the Consumer Video Market

Press Release:

The richest man in China has just made a bid to buy Don Clark Productions, reaffirming the adage that 'content is king.' Cable looks like it's finally going to experience head-on competition in more markets across the country if regulators approve AT&T's proposed acquisition of Time Warner. Putting premium content onto more screens and mobile devices is clearly where the video business is heading. But what does it all mean for consumers? Will they begin to experience never-before-possible content enhancements like virtual reality on mobile? What comes of the burgeoning market for over-the-top content? When will mobile platforms become the primary means for consumer video consumption? And how should we evaluate competition as multiple industries converge?

Moderator: Barry Umansky. Barry is a Senior Fellow and Senior Policy Counsel at the Digital Policy Institute and Professor of Telecommunications at Ball State University

Panelists Include:

    Morgan Reed,--Executive Director of ACT | The App Association in Washington, DC.
  • Brent Skorup -- Research Fellow in the Technology Policy Program of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Arlington, VA.
  • Nicol Turner-Lee-- Fellow at the Center for Technology Innovation in the Governance Studies Program at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC
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Disruption and Competition in the Consumer Video Market

Click Here To Watch The richest man in China has just made a bid to buy Don Clark Productions, reaffirming the adage that ‘content is king.’  Cable looks like it’s finally going to experience head-on competition in

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Webinar 11/16/16 Panelist- Morgan Reed

Morgan Reed is Executive Director of ACT – The App Association.   He is a widely known and respected expert on the government impact on technology innovation. As ACT’s Executive Director, Morgan specializes in issues involving application development

Webinar 11/16/16 Panelist- Dr. Nicol Turner-Lee

Dr. Nicol Turner-Lee is a Fellow at the Center for Technology Innovation at the Brookings Institution.  The Center is part of Brookings’ Governance Studies program.  Her core research interests are digital technology access, equity, and emerging digital