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The Net Neutrality Debate: The Issues, the Arguments and Predictions of the Outcomes


Babette E. Boliek – Harold Furchtgott-Roth – Hal J. Singer – Brent Skorup

Analysis and insights on the future of “Net Neutrality.”

What’s Hot 9/19

AT&T’s fascinating third-way proposal on net neutrality (The Washington Post’s Switch Blog, 09/15/2014) Imagine an Internet with fast lanes that you — not your cable company — controlled. That’s what AT&T is proposing to the Federal Communications

AoPI for July 1, 2014: July Fourth Edition

By: Dr. Fritz Dolak   Aereo and 21st Century Copyright Law “Breyer’s rendition of the facts and explanation of Aereo’s technology and how it relates to the Copyright Act provides a clear picture for this highly-complicated and

Webinar 7/15: The Net Neutrality Debate: The Issues, the Arguments and Predictions of the Outcome

Click here to watch the archived recording The Digital Policy Institute (DPI), an interdisciplinary research organization based at Ball State University, will host a webinar titled “The Net Neutrality Debate:  The Issues, the Arguments and Predictions of

From the Director

By: Robert E. Yadon, Ph.D.   Advertising hype aside, a recent blog by T-Mobile claiming to have the densest network in the nation crosses the line.  It’s what T-Mobile doesn’t say in the blog that misleads the

IP Networks in an Unregulated Setting

By: Stephen Jones, Ph.D. and Breanna Parker   From emergency services to simple phone connections and digital reliability, the issues surrounding the Internet Protocol (IP) transition are numerous and broad. The FCC already has begun trials to

“Intelligent Community of the Year” Will Decide the Most Promising Place to Live

by Jay E. Gillette and Greg Needham, Digital Policy Institute Voting is underway by the international Jury of the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) for the prestigious “Intelligent Community of the Year” for 2014. The winner will be

Digital Policy Institute Webinar: The FCC Incentive Auction: Previews and Predictions

In case you missed it, the Digital Policy Institute (DPI) hosted its third national webinar addressing the upcoming FCC spectrum auctions. Titled “The FCC Incentive Auction: Previews and Predictions”, the webinar ran Tuesday, May 6, 2014, it

May 6th Digital Policy Institute Webinar: “The FCC Incentive Auction: Previews and Predictions”

The FCC plans to adopt rules on May 15th for the first ever “reverse auction” of spectrum.  What are the issues that the FCC will be considering?    Which of these are of critical concern to consumers, TV

Retransmission Consent: Do We Believe in a Free Market or Not?

by Dom Caristi and Brendan McMahon                   Retransmission consent rules have gotten a lot of attention lately. On March 31st the Federal Communications Commission voted to prevent most television stations from joint negotiations for carriage of their